ShopLiftr Maximizes Ad Budgets, Bringing Value-Seeking Shoppers Together With Their Favorite Brands & Retailers

High inflation and market instability have created severe problems for both marketers and consumers in the grocery industry. CPG marketers are struggling to reach their core consumer base effectively on compressed advertising budgets, and shoppers are increasingly forced to make economic decisions that impact which products they buy and how often. ShopLiftr enables brands to maximize marketing dollars by reaching shoppers in real-time to present critical savings at places they shop via innovative, proven digital ad technology solutions, across engaging mediums, delivering superior results.

Rising grocery prices and continuing supply chain issues leave consumers struggling to not only find the products they want and need but to stretch their food budgets as far as possible. With a return to pre-pandemic shopping behaviors, more consumers are flocking to physical stores to shop. Yet, grocery prices are continuing to rise across all tracked channels – affecting food, dollar, online, and more recently impacting club and mass. A recent report by Numerator underlined that in an unprecedented trend this past year, middle-income shoppers — with an annual income of $40,000 to $80,000 — recently surpassed low-income shoppers as the group most affected by escalating grocery costs.

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Brands are losing market share to a surge in private label options as cost savings amongst cash-strapped shoppers are driving short-term switching behavior, with brand loyalty as less of a priority. With food costs up 10.1% during the last year, according to the U.S. government, the pressure is on big-name brands to give consumers a reason to put their product on their shopping list rather than switching to a CPG competitor or store brand.

ShopLiftr is confronting the shopper, brand, and retailer concerns head-on. Powered by the largest, most comprehensive proprietary database of active trade promotions from all major grocery chains in North America, ShopLiftr’s unique dynamic creative platform supports responsive, personalized display and video ad units. It enables brands to promote savings on consumers’ favorite products, effectively maintaining and increasing market share, and drives in-store traffic to the supporting retailer. Serving hyper-localized deals to consumers in real-time, in turn, saves them time and money.

“It’s important to pay attention to the cost of goods, and especially on the items you need to pay consistently every month,” said Winnie Sun, co-founder and managing director of Irvine, California-based Sun Group Wealth Partners. With U.S. households spending an additional $341 a month to purchase the same goods and services compared to a year ago, presenting deals on those essential CPG products through winning pre-shop advertising tactics with strong success metrics is key.

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A major discount retailer recently tested the combination of ShopLiftr’s dynamic video and display advertising to increase in-store traffic and sales. The campaign amassed an additional 44,000 incremental customer visits and produced an incremental lift of 13.98%! Promoting relevant in-store deals inspired store visits that drove significant lift and increased both repeat visits and average basket size per customer.

ShopLiftr’s digital ad tech platform has been built specifically to address the challenges faced by shoppers, brands, and retailers in the current climate. It helps marketers maximize their ad budgets and increase market share by delivering engaging, programmatic video and display ads that resonate with target audiences while simultaneously bringing value-seeking shoppers together with their favorite brands in-store locally, at reasonable prices.

Why spend more than you need to? With ShopLiftr, you’ll get proven results – even on a budget!

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