Allego 5.0 Extends Best-In-Class User Experience to Trainers, Admins and Managers

Allego 5.0, The Latest Release Delivers Configurable Dashboards as Well as Improved Management and Tracking of Assigned Learning

Allego has unveiled Allego 5.0, the newest version of its modern sales learning and coaching platform which adds more than 100 enhancements and improvements. New customizable dashboards provide greater visibility into competency levels and system engagement across individuals and teams, and extensive new learning administration functionality gives admins and trainers immense flexibility to easily create and administer personalized learning at any scale.

These advancements strengthen Allego’s course and curriculum learning, making it easy for organizations to incorporate modern learning practices into all of their training programs.

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At the time of this announcement, Andre Black, VP of Product at Allego, said, “With Allego 5.0, the best-in-class user experience we offer sales reps and other learners is now available to sales enablement, training and other professionals who support them.”

Andre added, “We built the Allego platform with consumer app ease-of-use and functionality that accommodates how the brain actually learns. This latest version of Allego makes it easier than ever for organizations to incorporate modern learning practices across all of their training programs.”

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New Allego 5.0 features include —

  • Executive Dashboards let senior leaders, sales managers and trainers quickly view key statistics for their entire reporting chain on a single screen, allowing them to understand the status and impact of training without having to dig through mountains of data. Allego built these new dashboards to be configurable according to each organization’s individual needs.
  • Manager Performance and Team Dashboards give executives and other senior leaders a glimpse into their frontline managers’ coaching so they can easily spot opportunities to “coach the coach.” Reports and dashboards show senior leaders and managers how timely and thorough each manager’s coaching and feedback is as well as every team’s competency levels and progress along their individual learning paths.
  • Easy Learning and Task Tracking lets sales reps, trainers, and other Allego users rapidly burn through their to-do lists by viewing and prioritizing assigned and completed activities. Managers and leaders can track the tasks of others, and prioritize easily by due dates.
  • Modern Learning Management Console allows trainers, sales enablement professionals and administrators to quickly create, publish, assign and schedule collections like courses, channels and Flash Drills to any combination of individuals or groups.

Melissa Hilbert, Research Director and Tad Travis, Research Director at Gartner explain, “There’s significant investment and adoption of these capabilities to improve sales productivity by improving onboarding and skills proficiency, and to increase sales velocity by improving the user experience.”

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Currently, Allego elevates sales performance by combining training, practice, coaching, and knowledge sharing into one app. It uses mobile, video, and peer collaboration to reinvent learning for the dynamic needs of sales teams. Allego’s speed and consumer app design match the pace of even the most hard-charging salespeople. If you can use Netflix, you can use Allego.

With Allego, sales teams on-board faster, confidently deliver the right messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach and practice more frequently, and collaborate broadly with peers and the home office. Nearly 100,000 sales professionals across financial services, technology, life science and other industries use Allego to ensure they bring their A game to every customer conversation.

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