Conversica Wins 2018 Awards for Applying Conversational AI to Automotive Customer Acquisition and Retention

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Company Recognized with Two AWA Awards for Its Artificial Intelligence-Powered Automotive Sales and Service Assistants

Conversica, the leader in conversational AI for business and the only provider of AI-based lead engagement software for automotive dealers, was recognized with two Automotive Website Awards (AWAs), for automating sales processes and delivering an exceptional fixed operations solution, by industry research firm PCG at the 2018 National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Show.

Brian Pasch

In recognizing Conversica with the sales process award, PCG founder Brian Pasch noted how Conversica’s AI Sales Assistant “engages and nurtures 100% of a dealer’s leads until the lead converts into an opportunity or the lead decide to opt out. Conversica bridges the gap between marketing and sales by improving the quality of leads handed off to sales reps so they can focus their energies on selling and closing opportunities instead of chasing leads.”

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Continuing with recognition of Conversica for the company’s outstanding dealership service product, Pasch highlighted how Conversica is “successfully integrating the use of a personable and extremely helpful virtual assistant with the capability to touch far more service customers, more persistently and with greater individual attention than would be possible for dealership service staff alone. Its outreach has the impact of improving customer satisfaction, generating revenue opportunities, influencing higher service traffic, and ultimately performing as a customer retention tool.”

Both Conversica’s AI sales and service assistants are multi-year AWA award-winning products and are used by hundreds of automotive dealers to automatically reach out and qualify sales and service leads 24×7, verify contact information, collect requirements, and set appointments. The products have been significantly enhanced over the past year with the addition of multiple languages, multiple communication channels and new types of conversations that automate more of the routine outreach by automotive dealers to their customers.

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“We are thrilled to be recognized again this year by PCG with AWA awards for our flagship sales and service products for the automotive industry. It’s gratifying to see that the major investments we’ve made in product capabilities are recognized for how much they have improved dealership operations, boosted showroom and service drive visits, and freed BDC reps and service advisors from the important but often challenging process of engaging and following up with every potential dealership customer,” said David Marod, Automotive Industry General Manager, Conversica.

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