Automatically Gather Feedback or Follow-Up with Customers in Your CRM, Using the SurveyMethods API & Zapier Integration

The SurveyMethods-Zapier Integration Is A “Code-Free” Solution to Automate Tasks That Are Repetitive or Time-Consuming, Eliminate Paperwork and Data Entry, Minimize Turnaround Time, and Reduce Labor Costs

Businesses use different systems and processes for collecting data and feedback, analysis, reporting, communication, and managing stakeholder expectations and experiences. These systems may use diverse technologies and operate at different organizational levels but usually have one fundamental purpose – keep customers happy.

SurveyMethods helps businesses achieve that purpose by gathering, collating, and disseminating data across these systems and processes via their online tool for surveys, polls, event management, email newsletters, and data analysis. Their newly launched tools, the SurveyMethods API and their Integration with Zapier, aim to fully automate the interaction between business systems, upping their synergy and efficiency.

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Here’s an example: A satisfaction or feedback survey has to be sent to a customer after a ticket they have submitted has been closed.

What is involved?

A Helpdesk system and SurveyMethods, where the Helpdesk instructs SurveyMethods to send the survey to the customer as soon as the ticket has been closed.

If these systems weren’t integrated, this process would first involve steps to gather, translate, transfer, and verify the data needed to send the survey to the customer, and they would have to be repeated to send their response back to the Helpdesk. Delays in sending the survey or acting on the customer’s response may make the customer feel unimportant, especially if they were not fully satisfied. This can create frustration – and hurt business.

Conversely, an integration between the Helpdesk system and SurveyMethods will automatically have the survey sent to the customer and their response back to the Helpdesk; this happens in real time and the integration handles all intermediate steps. When it comes to improving customer experience, reaching out to a customer quickly helps to fix any underlying problems right away and turn their experience around. This becomes crucial when dealing with displeased customers; it helps nip problems in the bud.

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In short – integration allows systems to have timely access to each other’s data, allowing easy, automated actions to be performed.

SurveyMethods provides two approaches to integrate with systems like CRM, Helpdesk, and Email Marketing – the SurveyMethods API and the SurveyMethods-Zapier Integration.

SurveyMethods’ API Integration

The SurveyMethods Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a bridge between different systems and facilitates their interaction. It is a RESTful API that helps to develop fully automated, customized end-to-end integration solutions around SurveyMethods and different applications like ERP, CRM, Helpdesk, and HR systems.

All major components of the SurveyMethods system are exposed via more than four dozen APIs, using which business systems communicate with SurveyMethods without having to log in to the SurveyMethods web application. In the example above, the Helpdesk system will automatically connect to SurveyMethods and have the survey sent out to the customer. To use the SurveyMethods API, one must have an account with SurveyMethods and access to a software development team.

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SurveyMethods-Zapier Integration

The SurveyMethods-Zapier integration is a “code-free” solution to automate tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming, eliminate paperwork and data entry, minimize turnaround time, and reduce labor costs. Businesses can integrate SurveyMethods with over 1,000 applications including MailChimp, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Google Sheets, and Dropbox to build their own automated integrations and streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service processes!

Zapier provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for users to build “Zaps,” which facilitate an interaction between a “trigger” app and an “action” app and automatically transfers data between the two. There are several ready-to-use Zaps available for users to connect SurveyMethods to other applications, or they can create their own. The integrations are quick and easy to set up – anyone can create a Zap in just a few clicks – no programming needed!

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