SalesLoft Acquires Noteninja to Bring AI-based Sales Meeting Intelligence

The Acquisition of Noteninja Allows SalesLoft Customers with an Advanced Opportunity to Deliver a Better Sales Experience to Their Customers Based on Sales Meeting Intelligence

In a major salestech announcement, SalesLoft has announced that they have acquired Noteninja to meet the growing demands of the users and authentic sellers around the world. Noteninja is a leading meeting intelligence provider that also provides call transcription services using AI. In a blog post from CEO of SalesLoft, Kyle Porter, he mentioned what this means to SalesLoft customers and the advanced opportunity they will now have to deliver a better sales experience to their customers.

Personally, I’ve spoken with over 200 VPs of sales this year. They tell me they’ve codified their go-to-market plans in SalesLoft and they share how they use it to deploy action lists to their AEs, SDRs, and account managers. – Kyle Porter, SalesLoft CEO

Meeting intelligence now forms a very critical part of any sales tech stack for a company. It is helping sales teams to execute their campaigns based on their cadence of communications with customers and prospects through phone, email, social, and other activities. Much to the delight, these platforms are delivering success to sale teams.

SalesLoft offers partner integrations on its platform to more than 34 leading SaaS companies including for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Slack, DiscoverOrg, Engagio, and Vidyard.

Noteninja within Salesloft
Noteninja within Salesloft

Kyle mentioned that the customer analysis showed how users are increasing opportunities created by over 25% in the first 90 days. According to a recent TOPO report, SalesLoft customers have ranked the company go-to platform for sales dialer and also for sales email. This is a testimony to the growing popularity of SalesLoft as the leading provider of a Sales Engagement Platform.

Why SalesLoft Acquired NoteNinja

The acquisition of Noteninja arrived following Kyle’s realization of what SalesLoft customers were missing out on their sales success platform. With customers wanting more insights from their sales meetings, it was clear that SalesLoft pitched in with the best solution to providing an answer to deliver a “positive buying experience”.

Why Modern Revenue Organizations Need Meeting Intelligence Software 

Via SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter
via SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter

Kyle writes, “When I saw Noteninja, I immediately realized our customers are going to want this solution. I was impressed by Noteninja’s innovation, customer-centric approach, and by the culture and character of their founders. Adding intelligence capabilities, along with continued innovation in our meeting scheduling module is a natural addition to better serving customers to greater sales.”

After Salesforce acquired Mulesoft earlier this year, it’s a great time to invest in a sales intelligence and full-funnel automation technology platform to drive better productivity from your sales campaigns.

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