Pinterest and AspireIQ Collaborate to Expand Influencer Marketing Initiatives for Brands

AspireIQ Wants to Introduce Brands to Pinterest’s 250 Million+ Users Through Influencer Marketing

AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence) announced that it would partner with Pinterest for Content Marketing. AspireIQ is one of the leaders in sourcing Influencer Marketing Platforms to brands for marketing campaigns. Brands can leverage AspireIQ’ ecosystem to connect with influencers for creating exceptional marketing campaigns exclusively for Pinterest. AspireIQ will also gain access to Pinterest’ campaign performance analytics feature, an exclusive benefit for marketing partners only.

David Temple, Head of Content and Creator Products at Pinterest, said, “we’re always looking for ways to help businesses extend their reach on Pinterest. We’re excited to make it easier for brands to discover and collaborate with influencers, as well as track their performance on third-party platforms. Creators are essential to Pinterest and we’re thrilled to provide additional tools and resources for them to leverage as they build relationships with businesses.”

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Pinterest is extremely popular with its large user base. Here are some fun facts about Pinterest-

  • 250 million+ people utilize Pinterest to plan their lives and to decide their everyday activities related to-
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Cooking
  • Vacationing
  • 90% of Pinterest users use this platform on their Smartphones

Brands can leverage Pinterest’ ever-increasing user base to connect with their target audience. Pinterest’  open-minded consumers are receptive towards newer ideas making it easier for brands to sell.

AspireIQ specializes in creating massive influencer communities that deliver personalized content across all consumer touchpoints such as –

  • Paid media
  • Website content
  • Email Marketing

Eric Lam, CEO, and co-founder of AspireIQ said, “the opportunity for brands to engage with consumers on Pinterest is huge. It’s never been harder for brands to capture consumers’ attention, making it even more important for brands to connect with consumers using the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. We’re extremely excited about partnering with Pinterest as it provides our brands with yet another channel to engage with customers in a more meaningful and personalized way.”

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With this partnership, it’s becoming easier for brands to showcase their brand quotient on visual mediums. Brands gain exceptional engagement rates with consumers because campaigns originate through influencers. Consumers believe in influencers because they resonate with them and believe in the authenticity of the information shared by them. The benefit of being a Pinterest Marketing Partner will mean that AspireIQ can provide brands with data pertaining to engagement, impressions, and pins. Furthermore, influencer created content has the potential to be promoted as a brand’s macro Social Media strategy. AspireIQ’ main goal is to assist brands in creating content as well as tracking and distributing it. AspireIQ will be using Pinterest’s advertisements and promoted pins so that it can deliver a truly targetable and scalable marketing strategy to brands.

Influencers that are a part of AspireIQ’s eco-system benefit from this partnership as well. Other than connecting with brands, influencers can promote resonating content with their followers on Pinterest. Hence, the partnership brings in a win-win scenario for brands as well as consumers alike.

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