display, the Social That Pays, Partners with INFLCR to Report Payments to Student-Athletes Just in Time for New Regulations on Name, Image and Likeness

Ahead of the fall semester, student-athletes can be fairly compensated for their personal brand, and content for the first time

display, a new social-media platform that gives power back to content creators by splitting advertising revenue with them 50/50, is teaming up with INFLCR, the leading software for student-athlete brand-building, to help student-athletes disclose compensation from their social engagement and content creation for the first time. To participate, collegiate athletes can download the display social app through Apple’s® App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices. Once they link their display account within the INFLCR mobile app, the two platforms work together seamlessly and automatically, to handle required reporting based on state and school NIL policies.

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As new rules and regulations regarding name, image and likeness (NIL) come into effect on July 1, student athletes need platforms that simplify the compliance process while allowing them to start monetizing their personal brand on day one. By joining display – which has amassed nearly 5 million downloads in its first 60 days and been endorsed by world class athletes like Tiki Barber – these collegiate athletes have access to a global fan base and a platform dedicated to fairly splitting advertising and affiliate revenue 50/50.

“25 years ago, when I was an undergrad at the University of Virginia, I always felt that the restrictions on college athletes’ ability to make money weren’t fair.  Student-athletes balance coursework, athletic performance, and often part-time jobs to do what they love, yet their earning power, heretofore, has been suppressed by outdated interpretations of amateurism,” said Tiki Barber, former running back for the New York Giants. “After years of advocacy, it’s incredibly powerful to see these changes around name, image and likeness taking place. It’s also fulfilling to work with a platform like ‘display’ that’s compliantly paying student-athletes for their social media content from day one.”

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve been working hard to launch display. It was clear from the beginning that athletes, in particular student-athletes, could greatly benefit from a social media platform that fairly compensates creators for their content,” said Greg Fell, chief executive officer at display. “After launching in May and growing quickly into one of the most in-demand social media platforms out there, we knew that we had to support the NCAA NIL changes and create a fair, equitable platform for today’s collegiate athletes to monetize their hard work on the field.”

“INFLCR and display have the unique ability to provide our student-athletes with the opportunity to create engaging content that will grow and monetize their audience in a new way, alongside major celebrities,” INFLCR founder and chief executive officer Jim Cavale said. “We are excited to bring this integration into INFLCR Verified, where student-athletes can safely participate, with oversight and guidance from their institution’s compliance department.”

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