Thought Leadership Strategies to Delve Into New Opportunities

  • What is your approach towards knowing about the future of the market?
  • How do you think about the future of your customers?
  • Does your company have a dedicated team of people who can influence the industry?
  • Do they share unique insights about the market in which their business resides?

The answer to all these questions that have been asked above should be given through a thought leadership strategy.

According to a recent survey conducted on Survey Monkey reveals that 65% from the 1000 plus surveyors say that they see opportunities for advancement as an essential component of a good job. With more than half of the population putting access to opportunities as their priority shows that while it is a crucial factor for many, it is easily manageable through thought leadership strategies.

  • So, what are the thought leadership strategies?

A thought leadership strategy is a unique outlook for bringing together an organization’s best ideas, concepts, and mindsets on a mutually agreed strategically aligned platform. The objective is to build brand equity, create customer relationships, generate demand, and create new opportunities for growth, advancement, sales conversions, and partnerships.

How Thought Leadership Strategies Can Help You Delve into New Opportunities

Here is how thought leadership strategies can help you delve into newer and better opportunities as breakthroughs in your career, among other objectives.

1.    Maintain your relationship with your customers

The Ken Blanchard Companies for their 2020 HR Learning and Talent Development Trends survey unveiled trust as one of the five most critical leadership skills needed in their organization. It’s unfortunate, however, that not many thought leaders indulge in strengthening this aspect. Now, if they will not prioritize it in the in-house environment of the organization, it is unlikely that it would make a difference when it comes to customers.

As thought leaders, we have the power to influence customer minds. Not only is it great for business networking, but it is a two-way opportunity for you and the customer. It will allow both of you a chance to enhance your relationship.

2.    Confidence is the key

First and foremost, you need to understand that how did your audience found you relatable and reliable enough to be a thought leader. And as great, it is to have an array of popular publications publish your articles and reliable personnel talk about them, not every organization has the budget to afford such luxuries. However, you don’t need such validation to make yourself look credible. Your confidence boosts your credibility for the audience to entertain. To put it simply, truly believing in yourself, in your ideas and perceptions, will make a difference for you inherently.

3.    Integrate social media more

Social media is the most powerful tool at our disposal right now. It is still extremely shocking how people undermine just how powerful it can be. Then why wouldn’t you use it for your advantage? Here’s the tip: if a considerable number of people perceive you as a thought leader, chances are other members will automatically follow suit.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have given way to the phenomenon called ‘the herd mentality’ where one follows after the other without questioning each other’s interests and intentions. And it is easier to take advantage of it.

4.    Stay consistent with your content

People tend to underestimate the power of blogging. Your own written words have the ability to move people. Businesses that don’t invest in digital marketing tactics like having a dedicated blogging forum on their website lose customer share to competitors who do end up on the search result page, thanks to their blogs. The best part about blogging and writing content is the fact that it is not limited by what you can write and who you should write for. You aim to lure in as many people as you can to read and take influence from your work. For instance, a fitness blog platform that wants students to visit their site can use articles on buy assignment, and it would work.

5.    Involve your audience

Did you know that curiosity is one of the top traits needed for a successful business? So what makes you think it will not work in your favor. Involving your audience by gaining their attention through questions is the most straightforward approach that a thought leader can take. It increases the audience’s assumption about your credibility, makes you look more confident, and creates authority as the question is asked and shall be answered by you.

6.    Prioritize honesty and transparency

The issue is gaining attention. After you have the audience’s attention at your leverage, be honest and transparent with them about the true nature of your objective. The audience shouldn’t feel betrayed or cheated as you reveal your more genuine self. As they learn to take a liking, they will automatically trust your previous endeavors and look forward to what your opinions will be for the future, as it may be tempting to lure in the audience through creating a fake persona and attention. However, once caught, it can jeopardize your career forever.

7.    Expand Market Perceptions

Highlight your social justice programs, how the betterment of the society around your business is your number one priority etc. Your business shouldn’t be a selfish system that you have created just for your benefit. Your customers need to know what’s in it for them or even better is what’s in it for the world they live in. Expanding your market perceptions will help you gain the rightful audience’s attention consequently.

8.    Delve into networking

One cannot emphasize enough on how important networking is for thought leadership. Although social media has played hand in hand with network expansion for businesses, people still don’t put in their 100% effort into creating communities, channels, and forums where they can give a sense of belonging to their audience.

9.    Analyze what is working for you

Do not waste time trying to perfect every move. Find what works for you and improve just that. Make sure that you are getting profitable results out of the tactic you are using. Once you acknowledge this, stop wasting efforts and resources on strategies that are not proving beneficial for you and start making your one single move that is your ultimate power move. Analyzing what works for you open newer opportunities for you in a way that you can branch out from the very factor that seems to be working without risking getting lost on an entirely new path.

10.  Establish influence

Lastly, your goal should be to establish influence and create a positive image of the organization that you represent. A bad repertoire for your organization is automatically a black mark on your credibility. If you are associated with an organization that is not mainly a public favorite, then you need to work on making it better in the public eye. Social media can still prove vital for you because you can use digital marketing tactics to target the underlying causes as to why your company couldn’t sit well with what the customers require. If there are competitors involved, then ask yourself what they are doing better that your organization is not. Therefore work to increase both yours and your organization’s goodwill.

In Conclusion

All in all thought leadership though relatively an older concept has taken a new hype among people thanks to social media platforms giving it a boost. As much as it has become easy to be a thought leadership provided the fact that you have a stage ready to take on, with great power comes great responsibility that shouldn’t be misused.