Annex Cloud And Ometria Announce Partnership To Help Companies Turn Customer Experiences Into A Competitive Advantage

Joint Solution Helps Global Brands Harness Technology, Data, and Intelligence to Better Serve their Best Customers

Annex Cloud, a global, enterprise technology solutions provider of advanced loyalty management solutions and experiential customer retention software, announced a partnership with Ometria, a customer data and marketing platform. This partnership combines Ometria’s sophisticated customer intelligence and cross-channel marketing solution with Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Solution to give companies the data, insights, tools, and capabilities they need to deliver the individualized experiences today’s consumers expect while building loyalty and driving growth without discounting.

McKinsey & Company reports 73% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, only 15% of marketers have a 360-degree view of customer data and the organization structure to make use of those insights, according to Harvard Business Review. In short, there’s a huge gap between what consumers expect and what companies can deliver. In an increasingly competitive retail environment, generic batch-and-blast marketing won’t get noticed, drive conversions, or build loyalty.

Ometria combines the data capabilities of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform, making it easy for marketing teams to bring personalized experiences to their customers at scale. Their solution unifies customer data from all sources to give brands a single, comprehensive profile of each shopper. Customer intelligence enables sophisticated audience segmentation and leverages predictive insights for personalized cross-channel campaigns. Brands can design, execute, and optimize the entire customer journey across email, mobile, direct mail, in-store, on social and more.

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“Joining forces with Ometria will make it easy for brands to engage, recognize, reward and build emotional bonds with each customer.” said Al Lalani, CEO and Co-founder, Annex Cloud.

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform™ provides the foundation for an ongoing mutual value exchange that creates endless opportunities to connect with customers and collects unique consent-based data that continuously enriches customer profiles and allows brands to adapt to evolving needs in real time, improving engagement, increasing repeat purchases, and reducing churn. Extensible engagement modules, including gamification, Refer a Friend, User Generated Content (UGC), influencer management, and more helps brands keep customers connected and deliver ongoing value their customers can’t get anywhere else. Annex Cloud’s 125-plus integrations with industry leading CRM, CX, POS, mobile and other platforms pushes unique, timely data across an organization’s tech stack to personalize every touch point.

“Being able to understand and adapt to evolving customer behaviors and preferences is essential to creating value-based, timely, and relevant experiences that build lasting relationships,” said Al Lalani, CEO and Co-founder, Annex Cloud. “Joining forces with Ometria will make it easy for brands to engage, recognize, reward and build emotional bonds with each customer.”

“Today’s consumers expect personalized interactions no matter where they’re engaging with retailers,” said Michelle Schroeder, CMO of Ometria. “Partnering with Annex Cloud made perfect sense. Companies that harness the power of complete customer profiles, including unique loyalty data, will stand out and drive sustainable growth.”

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Loyalty Experience Platform—An Enterprise Customer Retention Solution that Accelerates Growth

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform is the only full-suite loyalty solution that allows organizations to buy just what they need, meaning they can start with a simple value exchange and collect first-party data, then add on more sophisticated omnichannel reward and program types as they grow.

  • Modularity: The widest range of engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional, and empathic connections. Extensible platform allows flexibility and a nimble delivery environment to meet ever-changing needs.
  • Comprehensive Engagement Suite: Brands can capture, recognize, and reward all customer actions with referrals, gamification, UGC/survey, influencer management and contests.
  • 125+ pre-built integrations: Pre-built integrations with more than 125 market-leading technologies strategically architected to accelerate the delivery of loyalty management programs and meaningful customer experiences.
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