Atlas Announces a Strategic Partnership With Blockless to Empower the Next-gen Dapps and Builders

Atlas Technology (Atlas), a business-to-protocol innovator who provides a full suite of infrastructure for protocols building in the Web3 ecosystem, announces today that it will form a strategic partnership with Blockless, the first customizable execution layer for Web3, providing better web services for the decentralized future.

Atlas and Blockless will jointly provide the industry with a Web3 native infrastructure-as-a-service product suite to empower the next-gen dApps and builders at the cost of minimum carbon footprints.

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Both teams will be working together on the following fronts:

1. Atlas will join the Blockless Private Alpha network as a node resource provider. With Atlas participating in Blockless’ testnet, Blockless can ensure a smooth user experience for all of its early partners.

2. Blockless will integrate a myriad of API services provided by Atlas into the Blockless API Suite, an easy-to-use tool that enables a painless multi-platform/chain integration experience.

3. Atlas team will actively participate in Blockless’ testnet releases to help Blockless improve its products.

4. Atlas and Blockless will explore Web3 educational and research initiatives together.

“It is the ideal time to partner with a company that empowers dApps and builders in the web3 ecosystem. The infrastructure we provide to Blockless allows more people to participate in decentralized finance and provides developers with highly available nodes and API services. Together, we simplify how individuals, developers, and enterprises build and obtain revenue on the blockchain,” says Raymond Yuan, Founder and Chairman of Atlas.

Butian Li, co-founder of Blockless, says, “With the increasing need for off-chain computation becoming evident, traditional cloud services introduce a single point of failure to Web3, posing an existential question to the narrative of decentralization. To facilitate this shift, decentralized web services must become as easy to use as centralized ones. By teaming up with Atlas, we’re making decentralized compute faster, greener, and more affordable.”

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