BambuMeta Announces Patent for Web3 Orchestration Service Platform

Proprietary technology that helps brands revolutionize their relationships with their customers is now patent pending

BambuMeta, LLC, a Software Platform for Web3 Orchestration has filed a non-provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a proprietary process. The BambuMeta platform will connect brands to their distributed audiences in a whole new way. This isn’t just omni-channel 2.0, it is omni-engagement 3.0.

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“The most effective brands use a holistic view of the customer – who they are and what they care about across multiple touch points. Yet, even the best brands struggle to achieve a full 360-degree view in real-time that is location-based and digital wallet connected. With BambuMeta in Web3, brands will be able to map those touch points and relationships in real-time to see where their audience is coming from and what their needs are – regardless of how complex or vague those needs may be,” said Will Esclusa, Founder and Managing Director of Technology at BambuMeta. Esclusa continued, “With BambuMeta’s ability to bridge Web2 into Web3 and allow customers to give brands permission to access a 360-degree spectrum of their data, brands can bridge the gaps between their products and their audience’s desires.”

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into a leap-frog innovation. BambuMeta is at the center of that equation – think the World Wide Web in 1997,” said Richard Hearn, Executive Chairman of BambuMeta. Hearn continued, “Web3 hands the ownership and power of customer data back to the customer, where they can now manage their own brand lifecycles and give data visibility permission to the brands they want in their customer lifecycle. Customer Relationship Management is a Web 2 paradigm. Web3 will be all about Brand Relationship Management and brands that understand this and tap into privileged and approved customer data will be the brands that come out on top in the coming decade.”

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