Cinemo to Usher in a New Era of Automotive Infotainment at CES 2022

World premiere of “Infotainment to Go!” as Cinemo repositions the vehicle to be a connected powerhouse and centralizes the car as a unified media hub

Cinemo, a global leader in high performance and automotive grade multimedia playback, streaming, media management, connectivity, and cloud middleware, has announced it will be showcasing its latest game changing infotainment technology at the upcoming CES 2022 taking place from January 5th to 8th, 2022.

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“We know that there is a real desire amongst drivers for new in-car entertainment experiences like karaoke”

A range of Cinemo solutions will demonstrate just how Cinemo is changing the face of cockpit enrichment with systematic super aggregation of online and offline services and media content. VOD (Video on demand) premium content can be brought into the car whilst Dolby Atmos integration allows access to immersive audio galvanizing the listening experience. “At Dolby, we see a lot of demand from our prospective customers for Android Automotive OS. It is thus great to see that with our continued partnership, Cinemo is enabling Dolby Atmos on an Android Automotive system, further paving the way for the adoption of Dolby Atmos for cars” said Andreas Ehret, Director Automotive at Dolby.

Cinemo’s recent collaboration with VOXX Automotive and Jeep® boasts Multi-Seat sharing in the new Wagoneer, which brings an array of features to add adaptability and mobilize front and rear seat connectivity to create an individualized holistic platform. “Cinemo enables new innovative use cases for multi-screen entertainment enabling families to enjoy movies and shows on the road” said Ed Mas, President, VOXX Automotive Corporation.

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Cinemo’s next generation technologies have also taken use cases such as Jukebox, Multi-user gaming, Karaoke with Stingray, and given them a cohesive foundation in the car. “We know that there is a real desire amongst drivers for new in-car entertainment experiences like karaoke,” said Louis-Robert Lemire, Vice President Strategic Operations and Acquisitions of Stingray. “We are thrilled to pursue our growth in the automotive industry with the help of Cinemo to bring our best-in-class karaoke experience to Linux and Android Automotive platforms.”

World Premiere at CES “Infotainment to Go”
CES 2022 will also see the World premiere of Cinemo’s disruptive “Infotainment to Go!”, the first full cloud-based IVI-as-a-Service where Cinemo decouples infotainment from the vehicle so car vendors can continuously offer their latest infotainment experience, in any car, on any device, extending the vehicle’s lifetime and without requiring an in-vehicle update.

“We are very excited to premiere ‘Infotainment to Go!’ at CES 2022” said Richard Lesser, CEO of Cinemo. “As we enter an impressive phase of convergence and autonomy, Cinemo is a key differentiator driven by steadfast future-proof technology. We look forward to meeting our partners and presenting the future of Infotainment!”

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