Content Creators Can Now Transcode Blackmagic RAW Media Files in the Cloud With

.braw files, including 12K-resolution footage, can now be transcoded once the original footage is uploaded to the cloud.

Content creators can now save hundreds of hours every year thanks to, an all-in-one hub for professional creatives, which today announced it can automatically transcode Blackmagic RAW (.braw) files natively in the cloud.

Blackmagic cameras and devices, capable of capturing video in resolutions up to 12K, have been go-to staples for production professionals for the better part of a decade, thanks to their ultra-competitive prices and remarkable image quality. Blackmagic has democratized broadcast-grade hardware by making it affordable for mainstream and independent creators—a mission Alteon has undertaken for digital workflows and remote collaboration.

“We want to meet our users where they already are,” says Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon. “The overlap between Blackmagic users and Alteon users is significant: this is a group of diverse professionals, including independent creators and members of bigger teams, who want to save money without sacrificing quality. At the same time, Alteon shares Blackmagic’s drive to create new opportunities for storytellers of all backgrounds by fostering accessibility and inclusivity within our creative community.”

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Alteon is a content-management system built on principles of flexible cloud storage, world-class security and Web3 integrations. When content creators upload media to Alteon, the proprietary, high-speed Alteon Transcoder automatically transcodes workable proxy versions for easier handling, sharing, online viewing and real-time commenting. Blackmagic’s .braw is the first professional file format Alteon Transcoder can handle, on top of numerous other video file types, including .mxf, .avi, .mov and .mp4. Alteon users can then access both the transcoded proxies and original full-resolution files, which are never altered in any way.

For creatives shooting on Blackmagic cameras, this new advancement will save hundreds of hours in transcoding, which is a process that usually renders computers sluggish—if usable at all.

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As Blackmagic Design continually releases new high-resolution cameras, including the recently unveiled Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2, post-production professionals will benefit significantly from time saved while uploading and transcoding 6K footage, or even higher resolutions from the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K.

Alteon Transcoder won’t stop with just .braw files. In the coming months, Alteon will support RED and Arri RAW file formats, paving the way for future updates to continue to improve production workflows for creators across the industry.

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