Leading Healthcare Organizations Choose Qualtrics to Deliver Ease and Empathy to Patients and Caregivers

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, announced that dozens of leading healthcare organizations, including Ascension and Intermountain Healthcare, selected Qualtrics solutions in the third quarter of 2022. By adopting technology to better understand patients, caregivers and staff – not just their experience in receiving or providing care, but their emotions, goals and preferences – these healthcare organizations are innovating and leading the industry in human-centered care.

Empathy rooted in listening, understanding and acting has never been more critical in the healthcare industry,” said Qualtrics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy. “We cannot begin to fix the complex issues of access to care, disparities and purposeful connectivity with patients and caregivers without slowing down to listen via every channel available – a much more meaningful listening strategy for the emotions and values at stake. Only when we understand those, can we operationalize empathy and act in ways that will make people feel seen, heard and valued – and as we combine that with quality, operational and financial data, we evolve the field itself.”

“Empathy rooted in listening, understanding and acting has never been more critical in the healthcare industry.” – Qualtrics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy.

Harnessing data to improve patient care has lasting implications for both providers and patients. When patients feel heard and are treated with empathy, they are more likely to stay with and recommend a provider. Qualtrics’ patient experience solutions transform data into real-time insights, capture patient feedback wherever it’s being shared and initiate action to improve experiences before they impact ratings, brand perception or trust. At the same time, Qualtrics’ employee experience solutions make it easy to gather, analyze and act on staff feedback, enabling healthcare leaders to immediately recognize employees when they get positive patient feedback and identify problems that can be addressed quickly, while also focusing on what’s needed to improve engagement and retention over time. CrossXM unlocks the relationship and drivers between patient experience and employee experience, taking understanding to a whole new level, so interventions can have the greatest impact on both.

In the third quarter, the following healthcare organizations selected Qualtrics to create a more digitally and emotionally connected experience that drives value:

Ascension, one of the nation’s top health systems, selected Qualtrics to build a digitally-connected healthcare system rooted in patient feedback and action that goes beyond regulatory reporting. With Qualtrics, Ascension will be able to identify issues and opportunities from interactions like finding a doctor, booking appointments and conversations with staff. Qualtrics will also help Ascension address disconnects in clinical services and beyond to deliver personalized and compassionate care to its diverse communities.

Covenant Physician Partners, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, is comprised of a national network of ambulatory surgery centers and physician practices. Its mission is to deliver superior value to patients, physicians, associates and communities through professional and innovative services. Covenant selected Qualtrics to help the organization improve the patient experience, especially as it continues to grow and scale. With industry-leading, flexible solutions enabling it to conduct in-moment listening, develop action plans and close the loop with patients at scale, Covenant Physician Partners will be better able to serve patients, families and communities.

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Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based, nonprofit system of 33 hospitals, a medical group with more than 3,800 physicians and advanced practice clinicians at about 385 clinics, and a health plans division. Already widely recognized as a leader in clinical quality improvement and efficient healthcare delivery, Intermountain selected Qualtrics experience management solutions to become its unified technology platform to listen, understand and act on experience feedback received across all channels from patients, caregivers and staff. With an intelligent system of action in place, Intermountain will focus on experience improvements and real-time service recovery as well as benchmark their experience measures against peers and across industries to stay competitive for talent and customer loyalty.

Shannon Medical Center is an independent regional hospital based in San Angelo, Texas. Aiming to achieve a 5-star rating and gain national recognition, Shannon knew it needed an experience management platform that could accelerate its move away from a legacy solution, which had resulted in stagnant scores, declining feedback response rates and non-actionable data. Shannon will connect customer experience and employee experience (EX) together on the Qualtrics XM platform in order to improve patient outcomes and loyalty, reduce employee attrition rates and increase overall revenue – starting with employee lifecycle and engagement pulses to begin connecting how EX impacts the patient experience.

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