Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring mParticle, Zoom, Salesforce, Apteco and more!

With a significant boom in the global creator economy, marketing concepts are further set to evolve as brands become more attuned to tapping into newer networks to push marketing impact and growth; catch what the experts say through our recent Q&A’s, martech news announcements and more in this weekly highlight:



MarTech Quote-of-the-Week!

One of the biggest challenges is the antiquated way of creating and launching websites, which is, ironically, steeped in pre-cloud development processes, before the era of Growth Marketing.  We as marketers need to move much faster than the six-plus months it has typically taken to completely reimagine, roadmap, build and launch a new digital experience. Modern WebOps capabilities are changing the game for IT and marketing by giving them the speed and agility to build, test, and launch as frequently as their strategies require – just like SaaS software development teams have been doing for years.  Our web teams need the same flexibility. That’s the only way to continuously deliver digitally engaging experiences that bring immediate value to our customers.

Christy Marble, Chief Marketing Officer at Pantheon 


Top MarTech News of The Week: 10th Jan to 15th Jan 2022

MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Tugce Bulut, Founder and CEO at Streetbees In almost any CPG market, competition is getting tougher, and consumers are getting both smarter and more demanding. Any brand that wants to secure its success in the long term needs to have constant access to new growth opportunities – and the way to do that is to talk to consumers. Traditional surveys have long since stopped delivering the nuance that brands need – after all, most decisions about what to purchase and consume are driven by much more than price or other rational factors. Context and emotion are incredibly important. To that end, I believe that brands need to move away from ad-hoc surveys, completed days after decisions are made, and start to listen to consumers in their own words at the time of purchase or consumption. This gives them far richer intelligence about why consumers are really making choices and where growth opportunities exist.- Tugce Bulut, Founder and CEO at Streetbee 

MarTech Articles on Brand Tracking, Podcasting, Data Clean Rooms and more…

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