Looking for Ways to Improve Your Search and Social Advertising?

Are SEO and social media practices related?

The question is critical to digital success because online businesses are eager to stand out in today’s crowded market.

You cannot ignore SEO and its benefits, the same holds true for social media as well. Primarily because both the channels are extremely important when it comes to product discovery, research, and helping people make their purchasing decisions. Instead of considering these marketing channels as either-or, it is wiser to find a common thread between them.

A few ways marketers can boost social media efforts with SEO:

  1. Make sure that your social profiles are filled with as many keywords as possible.
  2. Never forget to integrate core keywords because social media is becoming more and more search integrated. Look no further than the recent upgrade in Instagram’s keyword search feature.
  3. Take advantage of link tracking because you will have a fair chance of attracting more of your target audiences.

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A few social and marketing technologies that can help:

1. Sprout Social

This is one of the best tools you can have as part of your Martech arsenal. It is a social media management tool helping marketers organize their content calendar and assets in one place. It helps you with your social content management, you can easily improve your search advertising game here.

2. Loomly

Loomly, as proudly portrayed itself as a “brand success platform”, and it is perfect for smaller social teams looking to organizing and collaborating on social content. The top features of the tool are built-in calendars, workflows, deadlines that make scheduling and brainstorming content ideas a breeze.

3. Audisense

Marketers are talking a lot about the importance of social listening that helps to identify trends and potential customers. Audisense, is a next level tool for companies to help identify and segment social media audiences.

4. SE Ranking

Creating content to encourage people to share and engage is critical to social media success. The content that you share on your platform shapes your brand identity, it is very important to analyze your content goals and resources and share the right type of content. SE Ranking is a multifaceted tool highlighting hidden opportunities to figure out which type of content suits your brand.

5. NapoleonCat

One dashboard and you can manage all your social media profiles right from this tool. This is going to cover everything from publishing, conversion tracking, to analytics and reporting. A good to have feature is its Social Inbox feature, which enables marketers to see all the messages, reviews and comments from various platforms at one place. One can respond to these messages with ease and improve the brand image in the eyes of the customers.

6. BuzzSumo

Whether it is search or social advertising, research plays a crucial role. A thorough research is not only important to improve your branding efforts, but also to know what your competitors are doing. BuzzSumo helps both in search and social advertising, and it will continue to tell you what type of content is doing good for your business. Some of the top features include finding influencers related to specific topics, alerts based on keywords, links, brands and so on, and tracking competitors.

7. Sumo

The tool has this power-packed suite of useful traffic and social media features that help to improve your overall marketing strategy. The most relevant of all is the social share feature that makes your content easy to share. Besides, the tool will also help track the number of shares.

8. Ahrefs

While we are talking about search advertising, we cannot miss out on Ahrefs. It is a gold mine of useful keywords and it is the perfect place to brainstorm keyword ideas, opportunities to rank. This tool has been always known the best for competitive analysis but it also helps in ensuring that the existing content is up to the mark for search.

There are a host of other tools available in the market for marketers to pick from and drive stronger social media efforts. What are some of the tools that have helped you?

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