New Report Shows Only Half of Marketers See an ROI From Their In-Store Marketing Tech Investments

Raydiant, a full-service digital signage and experience platform provider, has released the findings from its State of In-Store Marketing report.

From Aug. 4-18, 2021, the report surveyed 228 U.S. marketing professionals who are directly involved with in-store marketing efforts at an organization with brick-and-mortar locations.

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Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant, said, “The findings confirm our belief that in-store marketing is incredibly challenging. Those responsible for in-store marketing are stuck using a fragmented collection of expensive tools and they’re unsure if they are seeing an ROI from these tools. To survive and thrive in the future of brick-and-mortar retail, organizations will need to prioritize ROI and arm their marketers with modern tools that set them up for success.”

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Key Findings: 

  • 41% of marketing professionals use 10 or more tools like digital signage, CRMs, self-checkouts, and more, to achieve their in-store marketing objectives.
  • 30% of marketing professionals feel they are not provided the tools they need to succeed at in-store marketing.
  • 38% of marketing professionals report spending $250,000 or more on in-store marketing tools per year, yet only 56% said they see an ROI from their technology investments.
  • 38% of marketing professionals expect to see their budget for tools and technology increase over the upcoming 12 months.

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