Comscore Everywhere Launches as a New Standard for Single-Source Cross-Platform Measurement

Built with the future of media in mind, Comscore Everywhere will provide the industry with an unmatched measurement solution for content, advertising, planning, and optimization across media

Comscore, a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, is excited to introduce ‘Comscore Everywhere™,’ a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution. Comscore Everywhere™ will provide a comprehensive, consistent, and deduplicated view of media consumption and audience intelligence—across media and screens—to accurately capture the realities of the modern media consumption.

As it launches, Comscore Everywhere™ represents a seamless blend of media platforms, with proper deduplication and contextualization to inform the media transaction marketplace in a way that is stable, accurate, fair, reliable, and reflective of true consumer behavior. Comscore Everywhere™ will also create a common comparable “Audience Definition” across media and screens powered by a singular dataset and methodology.

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“Consumers don’t think in terms of linear versus streaming versus digital—they think of content,” said David Algranati, Chief Product Officer, Comscore. “Measurement must reflect that reality, and with today’s launch, Comscore is the only measurement company with the experience, scale, technology, combined with unique big data assets, innovative methodologies, and best-in-class services to deliver on the future of cross-platform media measurement.”

Building on today’s launch, Comscore will be working closely with its buy-side and sell-side partners to refine the methodology to holistically combine television, connected TV, digital and social media assets into one offering – enabling reach and frequency planning with advanced audience capabilities.

“As the fragmentation of consumer media consumption habits accelerates, the need for a holistic audience intelligence platform is more urgent than ever,” said Bill Livek, CEO and Executive Vice Chair, Comscore. “With the launch of Comscore Everywhere™, we have taken the lead on providing the currency of the future.”

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Comscore Everywhere™ builds on the success of Comscore Campaign Ratings, which is the only solution in market today that is able to measure deduplicated reach and frequency across linear TV, CTV, and digital. Comscore also achieved a series of significant technological advancements in 2021:

  • Launched Comscore TV, the streamlined national and local TV measurement suite that provides television buyers and sellers superior data flexibility with exciting new features and customizable reports to meet their video measurement needs.
  • First measurement provider to deliver deduplicated advertising campaigns on YouTube and YouTube TV across all devices including Connected TV
  • Introduction of state-of-the-art personification methodology to capture person-level co-viewing
  • Expansion of Comscore Consumer Intelligence to all 210 local markets to deliver unmatched monthly reporting of consumer retail visitation and online shopping tied to television and digital viewing behavior at the local market level.
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