EDO Launches Ad EnGage, the Industry’s First User-Directed TV Ad Insights Platform to Make TV Advertising More Effective for Brands, Agencies, and Networks

Platform for Competitive Intelligence and Search Engagement Empowers Users to Quickly Generate Unprecedented Insights on TV Ad Activity, Effectiveness, and Consumer Purchase Intent

EDO Inc., the data, measurement, and analytics company, announced the launch of its new Ad EnGage platform. The platform is the industry’s first user-directed TV ad insights platform, putting the power to quickly and easily generate unprecedented TV ad insights in the hands of brands, agencies, and networks. The platform can be customized with two modules, Ad EnGage Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Ad EnGage Search Engagement (SE).

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TV advertisers today are required to make critical data-driven decisions to plan their media investments and make near real-time changes to in-flight campaigns. Until now, there has never been a way to leverage actionable data to measure the effectiveness of creative and spending decisions on consumer purchase intent with the aim of optimizing campaigns and media. Without this behavioral and predictive data, advertisers can waste time and money on ineffective creative or misdirected spend and struggle to quantify the impact of their investments.

EDO’s Ad EnGage brings the power of digital measurement to TV by giving advertisers and networks unprecedented access to accurate, comprehensive ad occurrence and effectiveness data to quickly generate powerful intelligence and custom insights for their brands and full competitive sets. By pairing ad occurrence data with time-matched consumer online search behavior, Ad EnGage gives advertisers and networks a quantifiable and predictive measure to learn from what others have done, effectively plan and optimize media and creative investments, and measure campaign efficacy in real-time.

“In this day and age, we’re expected to make real-time and precise decisions to successfully deliver against our media investments,” said Kristi Lind, EVP and Chief Client Officer at Canvas Worldwide. “However, until now, the granular and predictive data needed hasn’t been available for TV. EDO’s Ad EnGage is uniquely powerful in helping us generate greater value from our creative efforts and media investments and allows us to do so in a nimble way.”

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“EDO has helped Volkswagen and it’s media partner, PHD, refine the Volkswagen national broadcast mix to include a combination of big moments and performance driving programming,” said Meghan Murphy, Media Manager at Volkswagen of America. “EDO’s Search Engagement metrics have enabled VW to quantify the impact of large program landscapes and ensure the overall program mix delivers higher Search Engagement during campaign launches.”

Ad EnGage Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the most comprehensive and accurate national TV ad database of over 70 million airings on 120+ networks, collected 24/7 from 2015 to today. This database offers real-time ad occurrence data and metadata built on the individual ad airing for precise and flexible intelligence. Equipped with an omni-search capability in an easy-to-navigate web app, Ad EnGage CI provides the ability to explore and compare all national TV advertising in context and generate data-driven recommendations.

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Ad EnGage Search Engagement (SE) offers real-time insights into consumer engagement for more effective TV advertising. This TV KPI measures what consumers actually do in response to TV advertising, not just what they remember or say they’ll do. Ad EnGage SE offers accurate performance data for brands  and their competitors’ creatives and campaigns, and allows users to create their own meaningful norms and benchmarks.

“Advertisers and networks need to generate immediate and powerful intelligence on their own efforts and their competitors’,” says Kevin Krim, President and CEO of EDO. “They are also under immense pressure to find cost savings without sacrificing performance. With the launch of Ad EnGage, EDO’s clients now have this critical predictive data at their fingertips in order to make better business decisions.”

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