ringDNA Rebrands as Revenue.io to Usher in Era of Real-Time Guidance for B2B

Revenue.io gives teams the AI-powered analysis and ‘in-the-moment’ recommendations they need to meet the increasing demands of B2B buyers

ringDNA today announced a new company name and brand identity as Revenue.io, the leading RevOps solution for real-time guidance. The new brand reflects the need in B2B for solutions that optimize their revenue performance and provide real-time guidance so teams can address the complex needs of buyers.

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“Buyers are always changing. The market is always changing. And operations teams haven’t been able to make the leap from retrospective reporting and dashboards to proactive, prescriptive guidance,” said Dana Clark, Sr. Director of Sales Operations at Nutanix. “Without a RevOps platform that gives them a 360 view into how their revenue strategy is working in real-time, companies can’t equip their teams to meet the level of experiences that buyers and customers demand. And it’s costing them revenue growth.”

Revenue.io’s solution surfaces and recommends what works best for revenue teams. With a unified system for multi-channel sales engagement and real-time activity capture across every buyer and customer touchpoint, Revenue.io uses AI-powered analysis to determine what’s working and what’s not. The solution then delivers in-the-moment guidance for the next best actions, live conversations, coaching opportunities, and more. This iterative and insight-driven approach to strategy enables companies to unlock growth in their revenue engine.

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“We’re on a mission to unlock human potential with science,” said Revenue.io founder and CEO Howard Brown.” Everything we do—all the solutions we build, the AI-powered guidance and recommendations we provide—is constantly improving the performance of teams through revenue science. If employees are empowered to perform at their best, then they’re able to focus on building relationships and deliver on the experiences that buyers want. And that leads to exponential revenue growth.”

Enterprise sales teams including Amazon Web Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SAP Concur, AutoDesk, Nutanix and CVENT have put their trust in Revenue.io for years.

“One of the biggest challenges for a sales leader is to invest in sales productivity tools that do just that: make their teams more productive,” said Franci Hirsch, CVENT Vice President, Global Head of Sales Development. “Our sales reps were very quickly able to start using and being effective with the Revenue.io platform. If anyone’s looking to take their sales team to the next level, they have to check out Revenue.io.”

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