ID5 and Primis Announce Partnership

Primis, The Video Discovery Platform have joined some of the leading ad tech platforms in the world to support ID5, the independent shared identity infrastructure providing premium publishers and ad tech platforms with a universal ID solution to improve user recognition in programmatic advertising.

Primis, a valued property of Universal McCann and IPG, is joining the likes of Amobee, MediaMath, Pubmatic and many other notable ad-tech players in their common goal to improve user recognition and match rates and reduce the need for cookie matching.

User identification is key to monetise inventory and data, but third-party cookie-based IDs are inefficient, increase the risk of data leakage and impacts GDPR compliance. With Universal ID, ID5 is reinventing identity and putting publishers in charge by offering a privacy-first solution to create and share 1st party user IDs with their monetisation partners.

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“The Universal ID solution aligns well with our values, as well as those of our parent company Universal McCann,” said Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO at Primis. “We respect the privacy and peace of mind of our publishers, their users and all of those that interact with the internet. It’s because of these beliefs that we find it so important to join initiatives like that of ID5.”

With the addition of the Primis network, ID5 will be able to extend their reach by millions of users each day across thousands of domains. Eventually, this growth will allow the initiative to more accurately connect relevant advertisements to users, without the use of invasive 3rd Party Cookies.

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“We are delighted to partner with Primis, a leading video platform which helps thousands of publishers globally to better monetise their assets in a privacy-compliant and user-friendly way,” says Mathieu Roche, Co-founder and CEO at ID5. “This collaboration reinforces the ID5’s footprint making it more valuable for current and future partners. We are committed to building a privacy-first identity solution that empowers publishers to grow sustainable advertising revenue and the partnership with Primis is a great step in this direction.”

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