dataxu Announces TotalTV For Media Companies

TotalTV Utilizes Audience Intelligence, Analytics, and Automation to Improve Yield for Advertisers Across Linear and Digital Video

dataxu, a leading software provider for marketing professionals, announced its new solution for media companies, TotalTV. This solution enables owners of high-quality TV content to offer audience-based targeting and unify disparate distribution channels and consumer devices — including connected, addressable, and/or linear TV — into a single source of inventory. TotalTV improves yield for media owners, increases efficiency for advertisers, and reduces ad load for viewers.

As viewers watch their favorite TV content in new and evolving ways, media owners are struggling to grow their business amid eroding linear ratings. According to IPG’s Magna Global, national and local ad revenue from the traditional linear TV in the US will decline in 2018 by 2 percent and 3.8 percent respectively and continue to decline for the foreseeable future, falling to 1981 levels by 2020. The decline is driven by the growth of digital video advertising, which offers advertisers scale, precise audience targeting, and a simple to use workflow.

TotalTV enables media companies to enhance their high-quality video with the advanced audience analytics and automation that advertisers seek. The solution allows broadcasters, programmers, and distributors to understand, engage and monetize audiences across devices at the individual consumer level. It also provides a simple and powerful user interface for marketers to target media across any audience, and to access real-time reporting on delivery and performance.

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TotalTV provides a number of tangible benefits for premium media sellers, including:

  • Enabling advanced audience targeting with global frequency controls for owned-and-operated content as well as third-party content across all delivery platforms and devices
  • Predicting avails/reach for any combination of inventory and audience
  • Unified GRP and TRP reporting and other post-campaign analytics across all channels
Dataxu Announces TotalTV For Media Companies
Jamie West

“At Sky, we’ve long seen the value of incorporating new technologies into our stack, from both a media selling and media delivery capability. TV advertisers want to invest in high quality, curated TV content, but also realize the benefits of digital targeting and scale. Over the last two years, Sky has been using dataxu’s TotalTV solution to deliver our TV advertisers hundreds of video ad campaigns with advanced audiences. This is the future of TV,” said Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director, Sky Media UK & Group DirectorAdvanced Advertising, Sky PLC.

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This offering is powered by OneView, dataxu’s cross-channel identity and data management platform. OneView was built from the ground up as a real-time cross-channel technology, allowing media owners to link all devices consumers use to access media, thus increasing avails through incremental reach and frequency against their inventory. With TotalTV, the power of OneView is made accessible to media sellers across a variety of use cases.

“TV owners and distributors are facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While consumer access fragmentation is a challenge to business as usual, there’s a huge opportunity to harness data analytics technology to transform TV. We are leveraging more than 10 years of experience and the most advanced real-time graph technology to provide a scalable solution to the TV advertising market,” said Sandro Catanzaro, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, dataxu.

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