Undertone and Integral Ad Science (IAS) Introduce Viewable-to-Complete Video Buying Metric

Undertone, the leader in Intelligent High Impact who creates the most memorable digital experiences for brands, has officially released its new video Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and buying model with IAS, called Viewable-to-Complete Video (VTC). Now top-tier brands who partner with Undertone for instream and outstream video solutions will be able to transact on a video impression that is viewable at the point of video completion for 6 second to 30 second video.

Undertone has invested heavily in the video space over the past year, bringing KPI-crushing instream video and interactive video to the forefront of its robust product suite. This includes CTV, and its vast array of outstream high impact video formats and targeting capabilities including 1:1 and 100% visual ACR data. Undertone’s VTC metric officially brings their holistic capabilities and KPI-centric buying together giving their brands the best way to drive results with video.

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This new solution allows advertisers to guarantee their video KPIs on both key metrics adding a new, viewable layer to their pre-existing CPM or CPCV buying models. Where the MRC currently measures a viewable video impression at 50% in view for 2 seconds, Undertone can now bring that standard to the full-length of the ad. Any impressions that does not meet the VTC metric will be provided as added value media for the advertiser. So, if 10 seconds of your 15 second video ad is in-view, but not the full 15 seconds, you’ve still captured the attention of your target audience for 10 seconds, entirely free.

“We are excited to enable Undertone to provide this new metric by providing them data they can trust. Now advertisers will have access to a new way to transact on video and meet campaign goals,” said Craig Zigler, Vice President of Product Management, IAS.

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Undertone has seen triple digit growth for video campaigns year-over-year, due to their heavy investment into a robust creative and format stack, which has delivered trusted and repeated video performance for some of the biggest brands in the US.

“The investments we are making in video to better meet the needs of our partners cannot be understated,” says Dan Aks, Undertone President. “Enabling brands to access the widest variety of video units across all platforms, and do so with efficient pricing models that can guarantee success, closes the loop for advertisers with any goal who are looking to activate a video campaign.”

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