Nine Ways to Make Videos That Achieve Sales Closures

Audiences Are Shifting to Absorbing Content Through Video. This Shift Implies That Marketing Teams Need to Expand Their Content Marketing Campaigns to Text and Video. Martech Series Lists Nine Tips to Create Videos That Help in Closing Sales Faster

Video content consumption is rising rapidly amongst consumers. This is a big opportunity for brands to showcase their products using videos. However, before getting into the creative process of creating personalized videos, publishers should have a basic understanding of the concepts that accelerate sales.

Here are nine tips on how to use video for sales-

Nine ways to make videos more effective

Knowing what information consumers look for when deciding to buy a product

At this stage, bombarding companies with product information is not the right strategy. Consumers would love to see a testimonial. Consumers want to assure themselves that the brand they are collaborating with considers client engagement to be serious business.

Knowing What Videos Are Best Suited  for Consumers When Deciding to Buy a Product

Engaging with people that are trying and loving your brand makes this audience appreciate the brand.

Enterprises can ask satisfied customers to feature in these videos. Consumers love to hear from people they relate to rather than read faceless text content.

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Choosing the Right Channel to Broadcast the Video

Video broadcasting has to be done in conjunction with the target audience of the product. Broadcasting a business-oriented video will not gain popularity on Snapchat. Although, mediums like Facebook and YouTube, which have a very large audience reach can be engaged.

Video Quality

Modern-day demands that audiences have high standards about the quality of videos that they view. Ultimately, brands want to engage consumers in making a buying decision. Brands won’t be able to achieve this if video quality is pixelated or if the sound quality is poor.

Strategize Your Videos to Adapt to Varied Channels

Video content has to be developed according to the channel that brands intend to broadcast it on. No major Social Media platforms have similar audiences. If companies make a generic product that suits all age groups, then they would need to change content and display depending on the broadcasting medium.

Showcase People Who Operate Behind-The-Scenes

Considering the hyper-connected world of e-commerce, your customers may have never interacted with an actual human in the buying process. Video Marketing content can be created by showcasing people in the organization who have made the product possible.

Ensure That Your Audience Perceives Your Video Right

As a brand, if you sell expensive watches, video content should be created in sync with the product. If sales video content for an expensive watch appears to be a sales pitch for extreme sports, audiences will be indifferent towards the brand.

Leverage Analytics to Measure Video Success

Several third-party platforms enable marketing teams to get analytic data about branding videos. Marketers should analyze data coming in from these platforms to check video performance. Third-party video hosting platforms enable marketers with a combination of reporting options to stream through data easily.

Reflect on Derived Insights

Lastly, marketers need to reflect on campaign data from previous campaigns so that they can make better videos that provide the desired results.

Key Takeaways for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams need to mix and match their video content and take active feedback from patrons. There is no definite way to ensure that a campaign initiated via video will hit its audience’s nerve. Although, following the aforementioned capabilities increases the chances of a successful sales video campaign.

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