SundaySky Unveils SmartVideo Studio for Enterprise Digital Storytelling and Video-Led Customer Experiences  

SundaySky Unveils SmartVideo Studio for Enterprise Digital Storytelling and Video-Led Customer Experiences  

SundaySky Introduced Next Generation of Its SmartVideo Marketing Cloud Giving Brands the Ability to Create Personalized and Engaging Videos Within Minutes 

Leading provider of video personalization solutions, SundaySky, introduced its new SmartVideo Studio. SmartVideo Studio by SundaySky would empower marketers to create, manage, deploy and measure personalized video. Brands can now easily create personalized, data-driven video stories that deliver contextually relevant content to customers at a scale previously unmatched in the industry.

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SundaySky’s SmartVideo Marketing Cloud Greatly Increases Engagement and Loyalty

The newest addition to SundaySky’s SmartVideo Marketing Cloud, the SmartVideo Studio, lets companies deliver individualized experiences at critical moments throughout the customer lifecycle based on real-time customer information — the moment a viewer clicks on the video, she receives the most relevant and timely content available. The ability to create a video in real-time takes advantage of the SmartVideo Engine, SundaySky’s proprietary scalable real-time rendering technology. This gives brands the ability to communicate what’s important to the customer at that specific time and moment, greatly increasing engagement and loyalty.

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At the time of this announcement, Shmulik Weller, Co-founder and President of SundaySky, said, “Linear storytelling is a thing of the past, and relevance drives action. In order for brands to successfully connect with their customers, they must compete on customer experience and communicate to consumers what’s important to them at that moment by delivering personalized, engaging stories to individuals. The SmartVideo Studio does just this.”

Now, Enhance Customer Relationships with Video-Led, Data-Driven Personalized Video

With built-in analytics, dashboards and tools for authoring, deploying and optimizing SmartVideo programs, the SmartVideo Studio empowers innovative marketers and their teams to:

  • Enhance customer relationships with video-led, data-driven personalized video;
  • Increase revenue up to 25 times and reduce churn by 5 to 22 percent;
  • Improve customer satisfaction by 18 or more net promoter score points and reduce the cost of customer service by 20 percent or more;
  • Manage and scale enterprise-level personalization with ease;
  • Centralize and extend the shelf life of video assets; and
  • Integrate data from any source, including first, second and third-party data.

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Last Year, SmartVideo Generated $1.4 Billion of Measured Value Throughout the Entire Customer LTV

Companies like Verizon, UnitedHealthcare, and Citibank have already added video-led personalized experiences into their marketing programs. In 2017, SmartVideo generated $1.4 billion of measured value throughout the entire customer lifecycle for SundaySky customers.

The SmartVideo Studio puts high-investment video assets and data to work without the need for extensive and costly technical resources and staff, making enterprise storytelling faster, simpler and more cost-effective.

Marcie Townsen, from Verizon, said, “We’re trying to always look at how we improve customer experience. SundaySky SmartVideo makes it easier for our customers to interact with us.” Marcie is an Associate Director of Marketing Customer Communications and Billing Vcm Marketing Operations at Verizon.

SundaySky introduced and launched its new SmartVideo Studio and its SmartVideo Marketing Cloud at its annual customer and partner conference, the SmartVideo Summit today in New York. Attendees can learn from the world’s biggest brands about their personalization successes and share insights on transforming video strategies for one-to-one customer engagement.

The new product demonstrates SundaySky’s prowess in combining the power of personalization with the emotion of video to transform customer relationships, one person at a time.

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