Adobe Audience Manager Adds Data Explorer to Build Powerful Insights on CX

Adobe Audience Manager Launches Data Explorer

Today, Adobe has unveiled Data Explorer to better understand audience groups. Data Explorer is a new suite of capabilities and workflows that gives customers of Audience Manager, Adobe’s Data Management Platform ( DMP), unmatched flexibility in the organization, analysis, and activation of the raw signals used as building blocks for their most valuable audiences.

Data Explorer is an innovative solution. It is introduced as a new suite of capabilities providing flexibility and speed to data collection and action.

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Why You Need An Audience Data Management Platform?

Customer experience is a very pertinent element that marketing teams could leverage as a ‘currency’ to barter their product and offering. Delivering customer experiences – realistic, relevant and real-time, remain the most sought-after goal for modern marketers. Be it content or social media touchpoints, customer experience benchmark continue to break the ceiling every month, quarter and year.

We referred to Socialbaker’s blog to understand why you need to have a better definition to audience segments in any customer journey.

Knowing Your Target Audience
Knowing Your Target Audience, via Socialbakers

Building a brand today depends on how ‘ultra-competitive an hyper-personalized” campaigns are crafted, delivered and measured for performance. The stepping stone to these customer experience-centric campaigns could be solved if you have an answer to this—

“How well do you know your audience?”

Marketing teams can deliver real customer experiences if they know the audience and build upon that knowledge to pounce on the opportunity to inspire working with a high-performance customer experience platform. ( The best way to start is delivering relevant content to the audience.)

Benefits of Working with Adobe Data Explorer

Adobe Data Explorer empowers marketers to achieve these objectives—

  1. Focus on high-value audiences by eliminating the need to create audience traits ahead of time or “just in case”
  2. Avoid data loss by building audiences from unused raw data signals natively in the UI
  3. Save time with an improved workflow from data signal insights to action in just one click

At the time of this announcement, Terry Chen, Senior Product Manager of Adobe Audience Manager, said, Sometimes the most valuable data points cannot be predicted beforehand. An article that goes viral or an unexpectedly popular product offering can become missed opportunities if your DMP isn’t architected to make raw data signals actionable.”

Terry added, “The Audience Manager team built Data Explorer to give our customers the tools they need to have autonomy over audience trait creation and structure – right in their own hands.”

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What Data Explorer Does More in Marketing Technology Stack

In the cluttered space of DMPs and CDPs, Adone’s Data Explorer stands out from the league. Data Explorer provides self-service access to leverage unused data signals in the user interface.

Gordon Ho, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and North America Sales, Princess Cruises, said, “Delivering a great experience really begins with the data. We use Adobe Audience Manager as our central data warehouse, acting as the foundation for us to drive customer insight.”

With the new tool, customers can not only browse through historical data collected by the DMP but also add traits to their taxonomy in real time.

The benefit – You can eliminate the industry standard multi-day managed-service dependency. Additionally, customers can also consistently evaluate the quality of their audience data over quantity. Adobe DMP customers can identify the importance of incoming data signals to make informed decisions about the value of data. This allows marketers to add only data relevant to their audiences that are meaningful and useful.

Shelby Farmer, Product Manager of Adobe Audience Manager, reported, “Initial findings suggest Data Explorer will revolutionize the way some Audience Manager customers develop audiences, with the ability to backfill with historical data within the UI being described as a ‘game changer’.”

Shelby added, “Beta customers state they will save time in audience creation while enjoying the assurance that missed or unused data signals will be available for future analysis and activation if needed.”

Step Up Your DMP with Powerful Audience Segmentation

Adobe’s Data Explorer throws up a new playing field to marketers.  As we begin to dissect the world of CDPs and DMPs for better context to where marketing technology world is moving, one thing that will cut the competition is— Delivering actionable insights on active audience segments in real time to deliver incredible experiences.

We are excited to see Adobe’s new scoop- Marketo. It could further settle in with Audience Manager making B2B marketing technology more compelling for sales conversions.

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