Eyeota-YouGov Partnership Eyes Bespoke Campaigns in the APAC and ANZ Regions

Eyeota and YouGov have come together to enable audience data intelligence in APAC and ANZ regions, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

The leading audience data intelligence company Eyeota has announced a key partnership with YouGov PLC to drive the next phase of growth in the newer markets. The pair would target audience base in European, APAC, and ANZ regions.

Eyeota’s direct integration with leading global DSPs and DMPs assures users that audience profiles are accessible on all leading buying platforms.

With the new integration, users can seamlessly activate YouGov’s audiences in new Asia-Pacific and European countries through Eyeota’s platform and consistent modeling technology.

From now, Eyeota would provide activation of audiences built on YouGov data in many countries, including France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Customers based in the US, the UK, and Germany have been leveraging YouGov/Eyeota audiences since 2016.

With their combined data and technology, YouGov and Eyeota would directly benefit advertisers and agencies to build a data-driven strategy for their various Marketing and Advertising campaigns.

At the time of this announcement, William Ullstein, Commercial Director at YouGov said –

“YouGov is delighted to strengthen our partnership with Eyeota. We have had tremendous success in the U.S., U.K., and Germany over the years and we are excited about expanding our global capability footprint.”

Marc Fanelli, SVP of strategic partnerships and global data supply at Eyeota explains the foundations of their partnership with YouGov. Marc said –

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with YouGov and to expand its powerful audience offering in Europe and across the APAC market. With their data, our technology platform, and globally unified methodology we empower brands to use research-based data to personalize their outreach to highly targeted audiences.”

Audience Managers can Bring Research Data Tailored To Audience-Specific Metrics

Eyeota’s audience technology platform delivers a consumer-safe, privacy compliant, and globally consistent approach for data owners to transform their data into audiences for marketers to reach targeted customers.

Through the YouGov and Eyeota partnership, marketers can use research data tailored to audience-specific metrics across their entire campaign lifecycle from audience insight and plan to activation. Eyeota’s globally consistent modeling technology encourages the activation of privacy-compliant audiences built with the attitudes, beliefs, and opinions of their desired target customers, at scale.

Case Study: YouGov Data Can Be Further Expanded By Connecting Bespoke Surveys for Ad Campaigns

For example, Eyeota worked with an audio brand to overlay results from a YouGov custom survey with its syndicated data to build bespoke audiences.

The audiences were modeled using Eyeota’s unique globally consistent process and the campaign exceeded all core KPIs: 9% increase in brand consideration, 4% increase in brand adoption, and an 8% increase in recalling core brand attributes among target consumers.

With a proprietary panel of over 8 million people globally, YouGov has one of the world’s largest research networks, providing a continuous stream of accurate data and insights. This data is used to fuel YouGov’s huge existing taxonomy, which can be further expanded by connecting bespoke surveys to fit each client’s and campaign’s individual needs.

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