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Despite all CTV being perceived as premium from the onset, we’ve seen and experienced CTV being just as susceptible to ad fraud, if not even more susceptible than other channels. This is because audiences are flocking to CTV, which means ad dollars have followed. As more campaigns and marketers think with a CTV first mindset, fraudsters have found ways to trick brands into bidding on fraudulent traffic, disguising them as premium inventory.

Leon Zemel, Chief Product Officer at Kubient 

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MarTech Interview with Antoine Andrews, Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer at Momentive (Formerly SurveyMonkey)
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Not embracing innovation and outside-the-box thinking among your organization, let alone your sales and marketing teams, will only hinder your bottom-line growth in a fast-paced business environment. Sales and marketing teams are not going to encounter only ONE type of customer. Intersectionality is a critical aspect of DEI and thought-processes that they have to encounter as they try to come to an agreement.Antoine Andrews, Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer at Momentive (Formerly SurveyMonkey)

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