6clicks GRC Leader Dominates with AI-Powered Platform for both ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Compliance

6clicks surpasses GRC software competitors by offering a scalable, AI-powered solution for ISO 27001/2 compliance, including built-in ISO-compliant policies.

With 6clicks, organizations can get their business ISO 27001 certified easier than ever before. With a fully integrated content library filled with standards, regulations, control sets, assessment and audit templates, report templates and much more, 6clicks has all the content you need to get ISO 27001 certified today. 6clicks helps organizations run an ISO 27001 risk assessment to identify risks and group them into risk registers. It also highlights causes and potential impacts and then outlines plans to treat them.

6clicks makes defining an ISO-based Information Security Management System (ISMS) easy and efficient. The 6clicks platform enables organizations to manage the entire ISMS lifecycle from initial audit or assessment to maintaining a holistic risk register. Organizations can identify and manage ISO 27001 information assets, assigning confidentiality, availability, and integrity ratings. Businesses can also import assets in several ways, including a ServiceNow CMDB integration.

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The 6clicks ISO 27001 solution provides the fastest way to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certifications with AI-powered cross-walk compliance to other frameworks like NIST, SOC2, PCI, and many more.”

— Dr. Heather Buker, Chief Technology Officer, 6clicks

What’s more, 6clicks utilizes the power of Hailey AI to quickly evaluate the level of compliance across other cyber and privacy standards based on a single assessment and identify ISO 27001 compliance gaps in an organization’s internal controls and governance documents. Hailey is also used to detect similarities and differences between the 2013 and 2022 versions of ISO 27002 and the imminent updates to ISO 27001. This makes managing a decade’s worth of regulation change efficient and effective. Our 6clicks CISO recently used Hailey to conduct a comparison analysis between ISO 27002:2013 and ISO 27002:2022

For complex, distributed organizations looking to obtain or maintain multiple ISO certifications for various products or entities, 6clicks offers a one-of-a-kind multi-tenanted architecture called Hub & Spoke. This model enables organizations to deploy multiple, autonomous teams or entities connected to a single hub for roll-up reporting, management, and visibility. Hub & Spoke creates a bidirectional relationship between a parent organization and their respective entities, an advisor and their clients, or state-wide governance over cities, for example. This means organizations can manage multiple ISO certifications for various entities autonomously of one another for auditing purposes but could report from the Hub across the entire ISO landscape.

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