Rakuten Marketing Whitepaper – Avoiding Data Breaches: Understanding What Constitutes a Consumer Data Breach Under GDPR

This Rakuten Marketing Whitepaper Is the Latest in a Series of Industry Expert Thought-Leadership Content

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline behind us, US brands are now under the gun and those uninformed and/or unprepared face real business risk. At the very root of GDPR is a drive to protect consumer data and drive more meaningful, authentic marketing experiences for online shoppers. Rakuten Marketing, a leading technology company that enables brands to increase sales through data-driven marketing, announced the availability of its latest thought-leadership white paper on GDPR and consumer data breaches.

Titled “Managing Data Breaches: Understanding and Responding to Data Breaches Under GDPR,” this educational whitepaper guides brands and their marketing organizations on how to tackle the growing challenge of consumer data breaches. It offers valuable insight into what a consumer data breach is under the GDPR proper protocol, which brands, advertisers and publishers can use to identify, mitigate and manage data leakage within their organization. According to experts at Rakuten Marketing, brands, publishers and advertisers absolutely have control over data leakage by understanding what the GDPR deems as a consumer data breach, and then, enforcing acceptable use policies and applying appropriate controls through sound security protocol. The white paper defines a breach under GDPR; procedures to follow if a breach occurs, and the key roles marketers play in appropriately managing potential data breaches.

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“Consumer trust is an asset that can be lost in a second, and taking proactive measures to prevent consumer data breaches is a matter of simple and sound business and marketing practice,” commented Danny Kourianos, SVP, Marketing, Rakuten Marketing. “The GDPR has put a spotlight on consumer data protection and the industry has an obligation to be 100 percent informed and prepared. This whitepaper serves as a guide to inform and guide key industry constituents, including brands, advertisers and publishers, on the ABCs of preventing any form of the breach on consumer data.”

This Rakuten Marketing whitepaper is the latest in a series of industry expert thought-leadership content for the digital marketing and advertising industry. Rakuten Marketing also recently released a new consent management platform (CMP), built on the IAB Tech Lab technology framework, in a proactive measure to address GDPR and provide U.S. brands, advertisers and publishers with a trustworthy and reliable solution that simplifies and standardizes all language used to secure consumer ‘consent’ for use of their personal data. The CMP is a free, open-sourced platform that integrates into existing marketing and IT technologies.

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