Sourcepoint Launches Consent Management Platform

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Sourcepoint Announces the Launch of Consent Management Capabilities, the Latest Addition in Its Toolkit to Help Publishers Engage with Consumers

Sourcepoint, the publisher platform for creating trusted and transparent user experiences, unveiled its CMP (Consent Management Platform), the latest module within its award-winning Dialogue platform. Providing publishers with a robust set of tools to collect and manage consumer data preferences – in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the solution is currently live with a handful of partners and is being used to determine ongoing consent strategies.

The CMP, which is fully compliant with the IAB Consent Management Framework as well as providing support for non-IAB vendors, enables publishers to gather explicit agreement from consumers and pass those consent signals to the advertising ecosystem, with full control over how vendors are grouped for the purpose of securing individual opt-ins. It is compatible with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), allowing consent information to easily be passed to the ad server so personalized or non-personalized ads can be served based on the user’s consent choice. The CMP also enables publishers to opt for either global consent, site-specific consent, or if desired, “publisher family” consent, which allows, for example, a large media company to ask for consent on behalf of a portfolio of properties for which it is responsible.

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Ben Barokas, Co-founder and CEO at Sourcepoint comments, “The development of our CMP is a major milestone in our mission to support the needs of both premium publishers and consumers. Our CMP helps publishers manage the complexity of GDPR compliance, while also considering alternative and sustainable monetization options. It’s important that publishers understand the opportunity that GDPR brings to directly communicate with audiences on user experience preferences, but also the longer term ability to drive engagement.”

Leveraging the Dialogue platform, publishers can take full advantage of A/B testing and analytics capabilities to drive consent conversions and in addition, opt to leverage Sourcepoint’s alternative monetization solutions such as AltAd and AltPay to help sustain revenues from users that wish to consume content in a privacy-first environment, without the need to share data.

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Brian Kane, Co-founder and COO at Sourcepoint, comments: “While there is understandably an extreme focus on compliance and readiness for May 25th, we believe that a great deal of the work associated with GDPR will continue to happen after this date. We expect there to be a fairly significant impact to publisher revenue as a result of the regulations and believe that publishers will need to quickly turn their attention from solely compliance, to optimization and monetization. Our toolset was created to do just that – help publishers to sustainably build operations in a compliant and user-friendly way.”

One of the first publishers to be utilizing Sourcepoint’s CMP, Paul Michaelwaite, Director at Netweather, comments: “For us, it was imperative to partner with a company that understands the intricacies of GDPR compliance and how the opportunity to opt-in to data sharing contributes to the wider user experience. Working collaboratively with Sourcepoint means we can navigate the legal requirements of the regulations, while also considering the impact on our operations. We see the consent requirements for GDPR as a great start point to better engage with our users, and Sourcepoint’s value-added CMP is an ideal solution. This, along with the option to leverage alternative monetization solutions for those users that choose not to share their data will allow us to understand the opportunities available to us and determine a wider strategy to move forward.”

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Sourcepoint’s CMP as part of its wider Dialogue platform can be leveraged to:

  1. Capture and store user consent preferences
  2. Design and deliver customized messages to specific audience segments, including geo-targeted groups
  3. Implement at a regional, global, site-specific or “publisher family” house level of consent
  4. Measure consent conversion and report on the consent and monetization opportunities available for each publisher
  5. Monitor publisher pages for new trackers that require consent
  6. Work within mobile-web formats (with an in-app solution in development)
  7. Support a publisher’s first-party subscription offering
  8. Compatible with most tag management solutions
  9. Provide tools to help advertisers and agencies gain consent for pixels used for conversion tracking and remarketing
  10. Flexible pricing plans that support both niche publishers and enterprise-level premium brands

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