Salesforce’s Journey Builder Gets Access to Audience Data from Google Analytics 360

Journey Builder Becomes Stronger; Will Receive Vast Amounts of Audience Information from Both Salesforce’s DMP & Google Analytics 360

Google had hinted last year that it intends to combine Google Analytics 360 with Salesforce’s Data Management Platform. That news was recently confirmed, and this integration is set to go live on 13 February 2019. Now, users of Journey Builder, a part of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud can access customer data from both — Salesforce and Google.

Marketers will now be able to improve customer experience, share marketing content efficiently and increase the reach of marketing collateral. They will also be able to deliver timely and optimized messages via additional marketing channels such as email, SMS, social media, website, advertising etc.

There are 250+ ways for site engagement through Google Analytics 360. The combined platform also offers exceptional metrics needed to direct campaigns to the right audience.

Subsequently, this will mean better broadcasting of search and display advertisements along with customized site experiences. Brands will also leverage insights generating from Analytics 360, giving further clarity on campaign performance and on deciding where the campaigns should change.

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How Does This Work?

Marketers need to drag and drop entry events in their Journey Builder. The events can come from both, Salesforce’s DMP and Google Analytics 360. Once they have access to this vast amount of data, targeting and re-targeting become a cakewalk. As an example, customers visit a brand’s website can be re-targeted through tailor-made advertising by leveraging email campaigning tools from Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, the Journey Builder.

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Big News

Google and Salesforce combining forces on the audience data level is a big announcement! The partnership possibly is by far the largest set of audience data that marketers will ever get their hands-on. Further, by using sophisticated tools that Salesforce, Google and the Journey Builder provide, brands can derive meaningful and actionable insights. How marketers adapt to this development in the next few months will be interesting.

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