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If the pandemic brought anything to light, it was the value of relationships. Businesses that had bolstered their loyal customer bases before the pandemic saw incredible ROI in the first months of lock-down; while other brands were struggling, these businesses were buoyed by a reliable stream for loyal customer revenue. Marketers are now more focused on determining how much value their customers will provide to the brand for the duration of the relationship.

Prioritizing the customer as an individual and embracing the digital transformation are really the two staples driving customer lifetime value (LTV) in this environment. Brands that are supplementing their traditional marketing channels with digital marketing channels, and focusing resources on creating a more holistic view of each customer’s behavior and preferences, are winning in the short and long term.

Jeff Samuels, COO at Iterable

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MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Allison Dancy, Chief Marketing Officer at Kibo B2B marketing is on the same journey as B2C marketing – one towards hyper-personalization. Buyers do more and more research online before ever talking with a brand. The best B2B marketers use all the tools at their disposal to track, analyze, and better understand each buyer-type to make sure they are speaking their language and helping guide them toward purchase by presenting a curated content journey or a curated product selection, in the case of B2C. Buyers expect you to understand who they are and what they need in advance.

People are tired of being tracked and blindly targeted. You need to make your outreach personal and relevant and speak to the pain points you solve for that buyer, not just to how great you think your brand is or your products are. –Allison Dancy, Chief Marketing Officer at Kibo

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