Lead Nurturing Best Practices for B2B Marketers

Do you think your lead nurturing strategies need a boost? 

Many B2B marketers believe that they are stuck in a rut with respect to finding new ways to improve lead quality and their lead generation program. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your online ad campaigns work better and  having relevant leads roll into your company pipeline. 

To help you, here are a few top lead nurturing practices that can help your marketing team with their leads and turn them into fruitful business. 

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  • Categorize your leads

All your leads will require their own level and type of lead nurturing activity, the standard approach will be to categorize the leads to your B2B funnel,break down the leads into personas based on each lead type. The more specific personas you create, the better it is for closing the leads. 

  • Score and refine your lead nurturing approach

Lead scoring is a reliable methodology that assigns a rank to the user when he or she provides contact information. As all the contacts are not equal, you need to decide which ones should be ranked higher. 

  • Never miss out on email automation

One effective way to prevent leads from slipping away is by way of email automation. With a quick notification about a new launch or an automated response, the lead will feel positive about moving into the sales funnel. 

  • Pay attention to feedback

Interaction with your leads offer you matchless experience and you must not take the insights for granted. Learn to recognize the appreciation and feedback. The more you focus on improving your lead nurture activity, it will be easier to turn a reluctant lead into a solid sale. 

  • Encourage action from leads

Lead nurturing is an on-going process and, you must keep your leads informed. Identify their areas of interest, encourage them to consider your other line of products or services too. Constant follow-up with all your leads is required for a better lead nurture process.

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Marketing is all about experimentation and creativity. With more experiments, you can come across new ideas and strategies. You must always keep your lead nurturing strategies fresh for your B2B leads. Here are the top tools that can help: 

  • Salesflare

Salesflare is a tool capable of working as a CRM as well as a robust lead nurturing platform for B2B businesses. With Salesflare, B2B marketers can send automated email drip sequences to nurture the leads in a more personalized way. One interesting feature of the tool is that it fills out the address book on its own, and keeps track of all the information with the customers in contact. 

  • Lusha

Don’t you want to establish a fast and true connection with your leads and contacts? Get Lusha and take your B2B lead nurturing to the next level. The tool will help you build trust with the help of simple tools allowing you to enrich and verify business profiles. To date, around 8,00,000 sales representatives, marketers are working with Lusha to improve their B2B lead nurturing. 

  • Pipeline

Pipeline is a popular lead management platform with features for sales tracking, content engagement tools, and email automation. With Pipeline you will have features to upscale your B2B marketing. It tracks each move of the lead and transfers the data directly to the business CRM. It is an entirely sales-focused platform keeping the sale reps informed about each lead’s activity.

  • AWeber

Primarily known as an email marketing and autoresponder platform, the features and connections make it great to be used as a lead nurturing tool. You might find this tool less featured as compared to others in our list, but it is great for small B2B businesses who want to do their lead nurturing mostly through emails. 

Whether you pick up a marketing suite for lead nurturing or have a few connected marketing apps, the success of your lead campaigns will depend highly upon email automation and other martech features.

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