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DialogTech Only Call Tracking Provider with 100% In-House Solution for PCI DSS Compliance

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Enables Businesses Adhering to PCI DSS to Leverage the Full Benefits of Call Tracking Without Compromising Their Customers’ Sensitive Data with Third-Party Vendors

DialogTech, provider of the leading AI-powered conversation intelligence platform for marketers, today announced that it has been officially certified PCI DSS-compliant, becoming the only call tracking vendor with a 100% in-house solution for PCI DSS compliance. DialogTech passed the formal PCI audit and is certified with all its platform’s call analytics features enabled, including call recordings, call transcriptions and AI-driven conversation analytics. Businesses adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard can now leverage the full benefits of the entire DialogTech call tracking and analytics solution with confidence, knowing their data is secure with the only provider that is fully PCI DSS-compliant without the use of third parties.

“To get full value from a call tracking and analytics solution, marketers need full access to the data, especially call recordings and transcriptions,” said Leon Chism, CTO of DialogTech. “Without it, your data is a black box, and you miss out on critical insights from your call channel. DialogTech is proud to provide the only PCI DSS-compliant call tracking and analytics solution that gives businesses full access to all their call data — no black boxes. Our PCI DSS compliance is also completely in-house, so we don’t put our customers at risk by exposing their data to third parties. It’s the best of both worlds.”

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The Richest Data and Insights from the Most Secure Call Tracking Platform
  • Only 100% In-House Solution: DialogTech is one of the few call tracking providers to achieve PCI DSS compliance and the only one to do it through a 100% in-house solution that does not require the use of third-party vendors. Other call tracking providers with PCI DSS compliance must transfer their customers’ call data to outside vendors to be compliant, exposing sensitive data to potential security breaches and degradation. DialogTech built its PCI DSS solution to avoid these risks, keeping all customer data protected in-house.
  • Full Data Access, No Black Boxes: When consumers call businesses, those conversations can provide marketers and sales teams with a wealth of insights to improve call center conversion rates, content marketing, SEO, digital advertising and more. DialogTech is unique in offering a PCI DSS-compliant call tracking solution that still provides customers with full access to all their call data, including call recordings and transcriptions. DialogTech automatically redacts sensitive data — such as credit card number, credit card security code, social security number and billing address — enabling businesses to benefit from the insights in their transcriptions while remaining PCI DSS-compliant.

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  • A Commitment to Security, Privacy, and Compliance: In addition to DialogTech’s in-house PCI DSS compliance, the company also has HIPAA and HITECH compliance and provides support for privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

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