Voxfeed “Lite” Makes It Easy to Get Social Media Content From Happy Customers

Enhancing and simplifying the connection between brands and customers is the goal of VoxFeed Lite, VoxFeed’s new feature that goes live on September 2022.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their relationship with customers and enhance the value of their brand.

Brands have begun to involve their customers in their marketing process. Many customers feel connected to their favorite brands and are happy to create and share content that highlights that connection. It’s a fun, cost-effective, and powerful way to tap into the authenticity that enthusiastic, real-life users feel for a product or service they love.

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“People want to share good experiences with their friends. Rather than a professional influencer who is promoting a product to their fans, regular customers are sharing their actual enthusiasm with their pre-existing friend group. That’s why authentic customer-generated content drives results. It’s not about reach – it’s about harnessing the positive feedback of happy customers in an authentic way.” commented Andy Kieffer, CEO of VoxFeed.

For VoxFeed, the best marketing strategy is the voice of true fans of the brand. This type of advertising helps brands to generate greater trust and attract new customers.

“With VoxFeed Lite we’re finally seeing influencer marketing done right. What we’ve done with this new functionality is to make it easier for both brands to request customer-generated content from their regular customers and for these customers to engage and collaborate with brands”, explained Kieffer.

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“Content creators on VoxFeed are everyday people looking to collaborate with their favorite brands and express their creative genius. VoxFeed gives them the tools for seamless collaboration”, continued.

How does it work? Brands create a campaign and add a brief on VoxFeed Lite. Then, they share it with their own customers or open it to segments of content creators. In a matter of days, brands can receive hundreds of pieces of great and original social media content from their own customers and creators. That content can be easily managed through VoxFeed, and once approved, creators will publish it on their social channels.

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