Share Creators Raises $5M Series A Round to Accelerate Online Game Development, E-commerce Sales and Industrial Product Design

Share Creators Sprout Talent Development Program Launched — Share Creators

Share Creators, a startup that makes it easier for game developers, ecommerce marketers and product designers to collaborate online and manage massive digital files, announced it has raised a $5M Series A round led by 5Y Capital with additional funding from Foxit. Additionally, the company launched significant new releases of its digital asset management platform and project management tools for remote workforces that require advanced online collaboration.

As more virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content is created, video consumption increases, and employers need to support remote workforces, there is a growing demand for advanced content storage and management platforms. In fact, the global enterprise content management market is expected to reach $29.64 billion by 20281.

Share Creators is seizing the growing market opportunities by going beyond traditional digital asset management and collaboration solutions, file hosting services and personal cloud platforms to address the specific needs of developers and designers.

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For example, creating a game character, launching an online store or designing a new automobile can take anywhere from a few hours to several months or longer. During the process, every change results in creating a new file that consumes tens or even hundreds of gigabytes. As workforces collaborate remotely, a simple file can take hours to download locally – assuming the user has enough computing power and storage. Additionally, files often get renamed “final,” making it difficult to know which version is the most current. Also, transferring digital assets from former employees can be complex and time consuming.

Share Creators addresses these issues through its AI-based offerings, which are often mastered in under 20 minutes. The result is fast, secure access to high resolution visual images and digital files without having to locally download them.

Using the Share Creators “Blueberry” cloud-based digital asset management platform, teams can increase efficiency by at least 25% by previewing over 100 types of files online. Since Blueberry runs on dedicated AWS servers, users no longer have to worry if their computers will run out of computing power or storage space. The tools provide the assurance that users are always working from the most current version of files. Also, AI-based smart search capabilities and tags make it easier to find and create digital assets. For teams that hire subcontractors or need to share their work-in-progress with clients, the platform supports secure visitor access.

“More than ever, the venture capital community is carefully investing in those startups that are poised for continued success and will make a significant difference in driving business efficiencies,” said Levi Liu, partner, 5Y Capital and newly appointed Share Creators Board member. “With Share Creators, we are confident the team will lead the next generation of digital asset management and dramatically improve online collaboration for developers and designers.”

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Share Creators was founded in 2018 by CEO Ada Liu. She started Share Creators as a design consulting company and grew it to over 150 employees, all working remotely. Recognizing an acute problem in the industry, the inability for designers to always know they are working on the right version of files and be able to quickly and securely share massive digital files online, Ada assembled an R&D team to build the Blueberry digital asset management platform and form an independent technology company. Share Creators has been instrumental in the creation of some of the world’s most popular online games including Call of Duty, Diablo Immortal, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and titles produced by NetEase Games and Tencent Games.

Pricing for the latest version of Share Creators technology starts at 99 cents a month for a single user with options for teams ranging from $9.99-$29.99 per month.

“The Series A round of funding enables us to respond to high customer demand by hiring more engineers, developers and designers. We also plan to grow our portfolio of e-commerce and automotive product design customers, and expand the company’s presence in the United States and Europe,” said Liu. “In this business, we can honestly say the Series A investment really is a game changer.”

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