Top 5 Best Pay Per Click Marketing Services in Dubai

Pay per click (PPC) Marketing can help your business make the most of your online presence and reap big rewards on the internet. In today’s digital age, Marketing on the internet is important to gain an edge over the competition. If your company is based in Dubai and you’re looking to hire a quality Digital Marketing agency, we can help you. This article lists the top pay per click services in Dubai and the features and solutions they offer.

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5 Leading Pay Per Click Companies in Dubai

1. ParamInfo

ParamInfo concentrates on developing your firm’s PPC plan from scratch. They provide PPC and AdWords management services that can help you improve your ROI. Their PPC strategies can help you engage your consumers as they wade through the purchasing process online. ParamInfo is one of the top PPC services in Dubai because they collaborate closely with clients to produce content that attracts high-value prospects and customers.

ParamInfo’s PPC tools track objectives and present quantitative data on the rise in both quantity and quality of visitors to your site. They monitor your campaign to check its progress on pre-defined goals. As one of the top PPC companies in Dubai, ParamInfo’s services can enable your firm to improve brand awareness, develop targeted visitor volumes, increase inquiries, leads, sales, and online engagement, build a database of subscribers, coordinate with advertising campaigns like TV, enhance the website experience of users, and track lead, engagement, and sales accurately.

Depending on your product, competition, campaign goals, and budget, ParamInfo will recommend pertinent types of campaigns for your goals such as AdWords remarketing, AdWords display, AdWords search, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing ads, and YouTube ads.

2. E Direct

E Direct is another of the top pay per click services in Dubai and they adopt a design-led creation and user-centric method to digital. This innovative and bespoke approach to Digital Marketing has helped the firm grow leaps and bounds in Dubai as well as globally. E Direct has been delivering PPC, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web design, and branding services and solutions since 2001. The company’s clients include over 2,000 local, national, and international businesses.

E Direct employs more than 50 staff members in four offices. They help their clients with digital content strategy, influencer and outreach marketing, Google Shopping and AdWords, brand development, digital design, website, and mobile app development, social media strategy, hosting, support and maintenance, and more.

3. BeOnTop

BeOnTop has carved a niche for itself as one of the notable pay per click companies in Dubai because it offers effective digital marketing services such as Social Media Marketing, AdWords management, SEO, etc. Plus, the company is a Google partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

BeOnTop’s Digital Marketing functions include branding, custom website design and creation, social media marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, PPC management (Yandex Direct and Google AdWords), and SEO for Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing. The company’s experts assess search engine algorithms to learn which criteria are effective. They provide efficient software and tools to help their clients get the desired results.

4. Bruce Clay Inc.

Bruce Clay Inc. serves businesses in Dubai and other places across the world with integrated Digital Marketing solutions including PPC management, SEO, content development and strategy, SEO learning courses, and the feature-packed SEO Tool Set. The company’s creator Bruce Clay is one of the pioneers of search engine marketing and had devised numerous SEO strategies even before Google was founded.

Bruce Clay has authored many books and guides on SEO practices, Content Marketing tactics, and Digital Marketing strategies to improve a company’s organic search efforts. These guides assist digital marketers to build effective online relationships with clients and generate sales. In addition, thousands of learners globally have been trained on SEO methodology by this Digital Marketing agency through their SEO learning courses.


EDS FZE is a leading Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing firm in Dubai. Their squad of social media specialists provides top-notch digital and social media marketing services to enterprises in Dubai and across the world. These solutions include PPC, online communications, content generation, SEO, web development, Google AdWords, push notifications, email marketing, and SMS marketing. A highlight is they give you a free audit of your firm’s web presence to help your business get started with Digital Marketing.


ParamInfo stands out among the pack of pay per click services in Dubai for its high-quality PPC, SEO, and Digital Marketing solutions. Contact us today to kick-start your online marketing campaign and reap the rewards of our expertise and experience in this industry.

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