Prediction Series 2019: Interview with Eric Diamond, CEO, Envyte


What do you believe is coming in the Email/Event Marketing space in 2019?

  • With a lot of uncertainty in the market, companies are going to look at their cost to acquire more business and move to products that provide maximum marketing value (all-in-one solutions) and the best pricing for those solutions.
  • Events will be a bigger piece of companies’ overall marketing effort (b2b webinars) and Email Marketing will continue to be the highest converting marketing outlet.
  • Services will need to start offering more extensive design and testing tools in order to compete to hold on to market share.
  • Automation will become a top driving force in Email Marketing even for small businesses
  • Having the ability to target users when and where will be a vital piece to increasing conversions.

How do you think customer service will impact Email Marketing users in 2019?

Customer service will be everything to users. Companies with the old mentality of giving users just enough support will dramatically increase their churn. Users today want their hands held and that is more important than any feature.

Talk about freemium vs. premium services for Email/Event Marketing, and how they’ll impact user bases in 2019.

Freemium is not often introduced with SaaS services due to the costs to run the business (economics). But if done correctly a freemium module can be responsible for a massive user base that, in turn, can be nurtured (at a lower cost of advertising to new signups) to turn into a big paying customer base.

How do you think the marketing industry as a whole will change in 2019, specifically regarding email/event/landing pages?

  • Marketers are getting more demanding when it comes to tools that help them analyze and convert.
  • Customer service will also play the role of customer success.
  • Event marketers are looking to better understand their overall event ROI.
  • More and more tracking products/plugins will be used such as mixpanel, hotjar, etc.

What industry do you think Email Marketing will permeate most in 2019?

E-commerce is always going to be the number 1 to convert purchases but more and more professional service firms are using email as a means to keep customers informed and providing knowledge content to stay relevant.

Do you think smaller and mid-sized businesses will begin using more Email Marketing solutions?

Absolutely. More and more firms down the funnel (SMBs) are getting into Email Marketing as it is a very low cost of entry to get the word out. SMBs are finding ways via Email Marketing to help generate new customers and equally important, to set up automation so that existing users can get offers based on their past purchases, interests, or usage.

What is one thing missing from the email marketing space right now that you expect to become available in 2019?

Easy integration with other platforms. As Email Marketing becomes more dependent on automated email campaigns, the simplicity of integrating with other platforms such as Facebook, Salesforce, etc. will be greatly increased.

Eric Diamond is the CEO and founder of Tribeca Digital, a full-service interactive marketing technology agency. Based on his experience and deep knowledge within the digital marketing space, Diamond created a new B2B SaaS marketing platform to help SMB’s best tell and sell their story. Envyte was formally established in 2018, with a launch date set for February 2019.

Envyte Logo

Envyte is an all-in-one SaaS marketing platform that combines email marketing, landing pages, and event marketing to give SMBs all the tools they need to better connect with their target audience and generate more leads. In short, Envyte is an all-in-one marketing tool made to help small businesses grow. Envyte’s mission is simple and straightforward – to help SMBs harness their passion, tell their stories and grow their business.

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