MarTech Interview with Sam Jacobs, Founder and CEO at Revenue Collective

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“Our mission is to further the careers of leading revenue operators and help non-founding executives accelerate their professional development.”

Hi Sam, please tell us about your role and the team/technology at Revenue Collective.

After spending 16 years building high-growth companies in commercial leadership positions, I founded Revenue Collective in 2016 to help my peers and colleagues share best practices and insights. Today, Revenue Collective is a rapidly-expanding private membership for the top Sales and Marketing leaders in the world, focused on executive career enablement.

Our mission is to help executives navigate their careers and professional development more effectively and more productively, with greater certainty, confidence, and agency. Currently, I serve as the CEO of Revenue Collective.

How does Revenue Collective benefit Marketing and Sales teams?

Our mission is to further the careers of leading revenue operators and help non-founding executives accelerate their professional development.

We provide services and offerings like career coaching and negotiation assistance, access to data and industry benchmarks, a robust pipeline of candidates at all levels, and active Slack channels with templates, guides and tools focused on career enablement.

You recently partnered with Gong. Tell us more about the technical aspects of this partnership?

Our partnership with Gong will yield exclusive and informative research around modern trends in revenue intelligence, accessible for both companies’ clients and customers. This venture also opens the doors for further networking opportunities, as Gong’s customer base of more than 1,000 will have direct access to Revenue Collective’s now 2,000+ members to exchange ideas and curate top-of-the-line content.

The emphasis is not on technical integration but on the generation of original insights. We use Slack channels as micro-communities, and Gong will be hosting events within those networks, conducting surveys and research that will ultimately help our members make informed decisions on behalf of their organizations.

How would the Gong channel boost the adoption of your revenue intelligence solutions?

By integrating a Gong channel into our Slack community, both our members and Gong’s customers are able to explore the research we’re developing in real-time and make informed and actionable business decisions based on the most up-to-date market research.

In the current scenario of COVID-19 making an unprecedented dent on every business and exposing IT gaps, how does Revenue Collective stay prepared and enable customers?

The motto we’ve developed during COVID-19 is to listen closely, act quickly.

We are thinking creatively about using technology and digital platforms to connect with each other in new ways, and we are focused on over-communicating with our members.

We’re sending daily email updates and sharing in Slack so that no matter where our members are, we can meet them and present the information in the most digestible way.

Additionally, our emphasis on speed means that we are outpacing our competitors in terms of execution. While others are pondering the perfect questions to ask in a single static benchmarking report, we leaped into action and began running a bi-weekly survey. Our focus is turning that data around quickly and getting the information into the hands of our members, rather than focusing on the perfect deliverable.

Are you using any AI tool or platform component to combat COVID-19? 

No AI component to Revenue Collective’s business model or research

Tell us about your various other partnerships within the martech/data industry that help to improve your product innovations and support systems?

Our most prominent partners include Gong, Outreach, 6sense, Vidyard, Force Management, and Setsail, among others. Our emphasis is on technology that creates leverage for our members and their work, given we are a relatively small team that aims to support a global community.

Thank you, Sam! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soo

Sam Jacobs is one of the leading figures in revenue development at high-growth companies around the world, and is recognized as one of the top go-to-market executives in the country. He is the Founder of Revenue Collective, the leading global community for customer-facing executives, with more than 2,000 members around the world. Sam also hosts the Sales Hacker Podcast, which generates roughly 40,000 downloads per month and has featured guests ranging from Dan Pink to Mark Roberge, and many more.

Prior to Revenue Collective, Sam spent 15 years leading go-to-market teams in the greater New York City area, including serving as Chief Revenue Officer of Behavox and The Muse, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Livestream (acquired by Vimeo/IAC in 2017), Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Axial, and Managing Director at Gerson Lehrman Group.

He’s helped businesses scale revenue anywhere from $0 to just shy of $300M, and has been instrumental in the raise of more than $1B in institutional capital across various companies. Sam graduated with degrees in Commerce and Economics from the University of Virginia. He lives in the West Village of New York City with his wife and two mostly blind, old dogs.


Revenue Collective is a private membership organization for commercial growth operators.

Our Membership consists of leaders from Sales, Marketing, and Operations. We have chapters in New York, London, Denver, Boston, Toronto, Indianapolis, and Amsterdam and will be expanding to most cities in the world over the next 18-24 months.

Our membership includes executives from companies such as Facebook, Greenhouse, CB Insights, Namely, Drift, Catalant, Vend, Rogers Communications, Lyft, Shopkeep, Intralinks, WeWork, and many more.

Our community is designed to support the professional development of revenue leaders at high growth companies, facilitate the sharing of best practices, and serve as a trusted private community where members can openly discuss business-critical issues with the comfort of privacy and confidentiality.

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