AI-Powered Martech Platforms that you May Need Today!

The blend of marketing and technology, where there are tools to achieve marketing objectives and goals, is known as Marketing Technology. In simple terms, any individual who is dealing with digital marketing is directly associated with marketing technology. With the development of technology, Artificial Intelligence is finding its way across all business domains, and the marketing sector is no exception. It has become a major part of the worming of the marketing firms. It helps provide a better customer experience, gives an experience of virtual reality, automates the entire process, uses easy algorithms for marketing and promotion, and most importantly, helps a company surge its return on investments. Technology is advancing with time. Modernization has led to the growth and normalization of Artificial Intelligence. In today’s era, various aspects of the business have hints of AI, and the marketing department is no exception.

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A Few Top AI-powered Marketing Technology Platforms

Marketing Technology also provides a comprehensive insight on the Return of Investment of the company’s marketing efforts. This can help the marketing team analyze the strategies and scale down the ones that are not helping the company and scale up the efforts maximizing the cost per acquisition. It also helps in the retention of customers. The use of marketing technology also helps increase engagement because it can reach out to the specific target audience, which would otherwise be difficult. For example, with LinkedIn ads’ help, a specific job title can have a greater number of engagements because the marketing message is reached to a specific person who is the target audience.

1. HubSpot:

This platform has an easy and user-friendly interface that helps a company generate a higher return on investments. HubSpot is free and allows a company to collect and store customer data on an ongoing basis. It allows a company to store and analyze business metrics like browsing activities, customer support chats, and purchases. As it is especially important for marketers to understand their buyers clearly, Hubspot has a feature that helps you achieve this. On top of that, it can also provide free marketing tools such as forms, email marketing, and landing pages.


The company raised $100.5 Million in funding over six months. Their last funding was in 2012.

Hubspot is registered under NYSE: HUBS.

Their stock opened at $25.

12 investors fund it.

Hubspots’ recent investment was in March 2021 in drift.

It has acquired 13 organizations, and the most recent one was The Hustle in Feb. 2021.

2. ContentGrow:

Most companies these days are focusing on content marketing to raise competition. Content marketing not only boosts the market’s future revenue but also spreads awareness and knowledge. Here comes the biggest challenge: What kind of content will it be, an in-house or third party?

ContentGrow is unlike any traditional content marketplaces. It is powered by technology and has a strong team that handpicks talent and matches them according to the project. This platform helps the right talent meet the right platform. It helps curate personalized content that boosts customer engagement. It is also cost-friendly.

3. Treasure Data:

This platform helps its clients unify individual profiles and discover important buying signals. Big businesses with complex customer data need to have a dedicated customer data platform to generate more revenue. This platform helps marketers deliver personalized customer experiences.


Treasure Data has raised a total of $54.1 Million with a funding of 7 rounds. They raised the latest fund in 2016 from a series C. 14 investors fund them with scale venture partners as their most recent investors.

4. Crisp:

It is a very straightforward live chat app. It helps a website look at the user’s browser activities and gives the marketing team an idea about their goals. The marketers perform these tasks without asking too many questions. The entire process is seamless and crisp. More advanced features like chatbots are available in its free version.

5. Zoho Mail:

It is clean, secure, and easy to set up. Its free version already allows the company to use a custom business email address for up to five users with an ad-free experience. This can be very beneficial when bulk emails are to be sent out.


Zoho mail has made 5 big investments, with the most recent one being on May 30th, 2020. It also acquired ePoise on March 7th, 2019.

With the rapid integration of Artificial Intelligence with MarTech platforms, marketing managers can effectively enhance their marketing efforts and efficiently yield desirable results.

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