Content Marketing Tools For Every B2B Marketer

As good as 88% of the B2B marketers believe in using content marketing as an integrated part of their digital marketing strategy.

Are you a part of the 88% clan or the rest of the 12%? Irrespective of whether you are or aren’t, keep abreast of the latest in content marketing, learning about different content marketing tools, understanding them and adapting them to your digital marketing strategy is crucial.The importance of a strong content marketing strategy can never be overstated.

There are hundreds of content marketing tools to pick from today, and the following list can serve as a starting point:

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1. Engage Bay

A multi-functional CRM platform, Engage Bay is a content marketing platform for B2B marketers designed to suit the needs of small and medium businesses. The platform is popular because it offers a comprehensive picture of all the interactions with customers and provides actionable insights useful in future content creation. The platform comes with in-built tools that help you to store all your marketing content in one place. Content creation, implementation, and updates are easy with Engage Bay.


Content marketing came into being due to the importance of content itself. No matter how good a content marketing strategy you have, without good writers, the strategies will be rendered useless. Let help you. It is a leading content ordering platform offering high-quality content that matches your brand profile and the on-going project. You can find experienced and talented writers on this platform who have sufficient knowledge about any given topic.

3. Traackr

A platform good enough to run your influencer marketing programs, Traackr helps you right from discovering influencers in your brand niche to creating and measuring your campaign’s performance. The tool acts as a search engine and it is a marketplace of around 6 million genuine influencer marketers across the world. Equipped with audience insights, fraud detection, and performance history indicators, helping you ensure that you choose the right influencer for your marketing.

4. HubSpot’s Make My Persona Tool

B2B content marketers probably spend a lot of time in understanding and building their buyers’ persona. HubSpot has a tool to help these B2B marketers. HubSpot’s Make My Personal Tool is free and comprises a seven-step process that help marketers identify their audience’s goals, communication preferences, key challenges, and more. Based on the insights received, marketers can create content depending upon the needs and desires of the target audience.

5. Ahrefs

While planning content for the audience, keyword searches play a vital role. Let Ahrefs help you here. One of the popular SEO powerhouses, Ahrefs helps marketers with competitive keyword and backlink research so that they can outrank their competitors. For B2B marketers, its content explorer tool helps to find them the best performing content in their niche. Right from the social shares to the word count, Ahrefs comes with all-inclusive capabilities to improve the content game.

6. AnswerThePublic

Much before you start creating the content, you need to know what your audience is asking for or looking for. AnswerThePublic helps you optimize your content according to the questions people are asking. Type your search term in the search bar and the site will offer you a graphical presentation of the questions with the help of which you can answer the questions of the audience around those search terms. The tool is available free for basic searches or you can upgrade it to Pro plan for unlimited searches.

7. BuzzSumo

Need help with ideas for a powerful content-generation? BuzzSumo is here to help you. BuzzSumo will help you track all the popular content shared on social medial platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit. Read and analyze what is popular on the net and share content that your target audience can relate to. The Pro version of the tool helps with content analytics, backlink information, and influencer contacts to expand the reach of your curated content.

In B2B content marketing, it is more about strategy. B2B content marketing is not about writing, video, podcasts, and infographics have a role to play as well. How are you planning to enhance your content marketing in 2021?

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