Hello Valentine! The Marketer is Watching You

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are planning a special dinner date or going out on the long-weekend vacation, it’s going to turn out really sweet and romantic. How do we know that? Well, hat’s off to the analytics providers in the Marketing Technology RADAR.

Well, the marketer’s told us, and we ought to believe them when they show us the numbers and analytics driving their Valentine’s Day Marketing campaigns designed specifically for such events and ‘festivities’.

Hello Valentine! The Marketer is Watching YouNo matter who is hopping for Valentine’s, the top topics would always circle around top restaurants, romantic retail items like lingerie, perfume and jewelry. Marketers also expect Valentine’s Day analytics saga to start much longer before the D-day. Some start following the customer from February 1, and continue to do it until 28 February.

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According to Criteo, “In the US, conversion rates climb up to 164% higher than usual in the days leading up to the event, and up to 187% higher than usual in Europe.”

Stats from last year are showcased here, courtesy Criteo –

Valentine’s Day Shopping 2018 – Europe

Valentine’s Day Shopping 2018 – Europe

Valentine’s Day Shopping 2018 – US

Valentine’s Day Shopping 2018 – US

Devaraj Southworth, CEO of Thirstie, said, “With more brands competing for the attention of consumers than ever, companies are looking for unique and meaningful ways to connect with their fans. Social media sites like Instagram are leading the digital charge, but an online strategy shouldn’t stop there. It’s not enough to observe and understand consumer behavior, companies need to embrace the idea of social commerce. By offering a platform for consumers to directly purchase products, brands – especially alcohol companies that fall within the lifestyle and luxury space – can turn interested consumers into customers by providing an engaging and captivating online experience.”

So, where do Marketing and Sales go on Valentine’s Day?

According to OnBuy.com, ‘Marketing and sales’ is crowned the most romantic profession, with 78% set to celebrate Valentine’s Day by doing something special for their partner

  • Thereafter, 71% of Americans employed in ‘customer support’ are preparing to enjoy 14th February with their ‘loved one’
  • Contrastingly, individuals operating in the field of ‘information and technology’ are the least likely to revel in the occasion, with only 37% looking to make a big deal of the day
  • 38% of Americans state the company they work for will be arranging Valentine’s Day related activities such as a decorating the office or having a love themed fancy-dress party
  • 26% of office workers have already booked 14 February 2019 off from their annual holiday allowance
Valentine's Day 2015 by the Numbers
Valentine’s Day 2015 by the Numbers

Devaraj added, “An experience that ultimately ends with the consumer having the ability to purchase products that actually excite them directly from the brands they know and love.”

Ajay Gupta, CEO of Stirista, added, “Valentine’s Day is a particularly good holiday to turn to hyper-targeted data segments. While many couple across the country will take part in the holiday, newly-engaged couples and newlyweds are likely to be among the most enthusiastic. Putting extra ad spend into those segments can generate higher returns since they are more likely to spend more during the holiday.”

In contrast to previous Valentine’s Days, we expect the game to just get hotter and savvier with tons of customer data available for analytics and predictive intelligence already. Whether you like it or not, Marketers are serious about ‘following you’ and ensuring you acutely contribute to the potential “Mega Deal’ revenue stream. So, let’s celebrate Love with some more user-generated content and influencers in Marketing Technology.

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