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One of the big shifts that I think we’ll see this year is that it will become clear that device identity is going away, and the idea of unconsented and unauthenticated IDs will soon be behind us, and will be replaced by authenticated people-based IDs, cohorts, first-party audiences, and context. The signs are here for everyone to see: App Tracking Transparency has taken hold across iOS devices and marketers have seen addressable reach diminish on mobile in-app, then Google followed and Android Privacy Sandbox, and now IP address proposals like GNATCATCHER and IPV6 are starting to shift the market away from IP address targeting.

Travis Clinger, SVP Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp

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Ritu-Kapoor_MarTech Series Interview with Lob
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The demise of the third-party cookie is a watershed moment for marketers. We’re going to have to shift the way we earn people’s information by focusing on fostering loyalty in potential customers first before we capture lead data.Ritu Kapoor, CMO at Lob



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