Streaming Ad Platforms And Their Benefits

Michael Lift very well quoted, “The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web”.

The quote is strengthening itself every day with  how on-demand video streaming has shadowed the whole world right from entertainment to marketing, everything seems to have changed in its entirety. People no longer want to watch static TV shows, the demands have changed and so have the ways to fulfil those demands.

Streaming Ad platforms or over the top (OTT) content platforms are booming at a faster rate. These platforms stream video content directly to the viewers via the internet. This kind of video streaming is offering marketers a great opportunity to advertise their products and services to viewers directly right through their own personal viewing devices.

With bountiful benefits such as targeted advertising, dynamic ad insertion and advanced analytics, streaming Ad platforms allows a fun, interactive and impactful way to connect with the audience. When a marketer thinks of connecting with his or her audience, these ad streaming platforms are the right way to do it.

Let us explore some of the key benefits of using Ad Streaming platforms:

  1. As customers are shifting from traditional primetime broadcasts to modern internet-connected devices, such platforms are a great source to reach a mass audience.
  2. With the help of streaming Ad platforms, brands can benefit from micro-targeting. Brands can play different types of ads for different audience sets.
  3. Advertisers can easily target demographics with advanced analytics and feedback, which are accessible from the web.
  4. These ad streaming platforms help to gain higher audience attention.

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While there are so many video streaming platforms available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one and launch your video content. We have rounded up some of the top streaming Ad platforms for B2B marketers. Check them out:

1. Stack Adapt

Stack Adapt is a popular name with regards to B2B video content streaming. The platform specializes in offering multi-channel solutions like audio ads, native, display, connected TV and video ads. Stack Adapt is a tool where you experience the unique blend of machine learning and cutting-edge user experience. The platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by the top digital marketers in the world.

2. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn has always been a top business-oriented social platform, but it is more valuable to B2B marketers. As per recent data, 74% of the marketers have claimed that LinkedIn proved to be the most impactful social channel for their brand.

With around 46 million B2B decision-makers, LinkedIn Live becomes a perfect tool to untap the exclusive world of active professionals. LinkedIn is a bit more professional than its other social media competitors. To go live, a marketer must submit a request and he or she must meet the criteria to go live.

LinkedIn Live is best for:

  • Launching a new product or service.
  • Sharing creative and engaging content with audience.

3. Instagram Live

Started as a simple and interactive social media platform for the millennials and GenZ, Instagram has become a power house for B2C and B2B marketers. As Instagram is a visually-drive platform, it is the best place to show your creativity.

Scheduling and posting video content is too easy with Instagram and its live feature helps B2B brands to talk to the audience, ask for feedbacks and viewers can show their love with the help of various emojis and comments.

  • Brands can use Instagram’s story feature to hype any upcoming event.
  • There is a trail of customizable live features that any marketers can use for their advantage.
  • The recently added reels feature is the best so far to post short video content.


This is another automated platform that makes advertising easy for the marketers. Right from the team collaboration to testing and launching the best performing ads, will automate everything for you. The platform is very helpful to streamline planning, creation, launching and learning. It helps you move faster by running the entire advertising campaign in an iterative manner.

5. Facebook Live

So far, Facebook is the most active social media network with approximately 3 billion active users. Hosting a digital event or launching a product video on Facebook would tap into that untouched audience and create more engagement for your brand.

With Facebook, brands can:

  • Spend more time with their live video streaming.
  • Pin the video to be viewed later.

Ad streaming offers enhanced targeting options along with inventory selection, and real-time reporting. It also offers precise performance and sales funnel stability, which is what B2B marketers are looking for. It is time right time that B2B marketers get on air with such video advertising tools and rise with the trend.

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