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Social media is not only crucial for marketing and sales today, it is important to use it to understand key metrics that help uncover more about your brand traction online. Looking for some martech and marketing tips that can help? Catch more in this weekly highlight by MarTech Series:


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Before implementing any new marketing technologies, it’s important to really understand the clear and measurable business outcomes and metrics that the organization is driving to enable CX transformation. Also, it’s equally important to understand the current investments – let it be infrastructure, platforms, or technologies. Then, make sure to tie any investments to the future ROI based on the defined business outcomes.-Bibhakar Pandey, Vice President, Digital Customer Experience at Capgemini North America 

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Digital ad spend will continue to be driven by the accelerated shift to digital video, especially in Connected TV. But for advertisers to truly be able to connect with their audiences, our industry must – and will – deliver new ad formats and experiences beyond the traditional commercial break. Instead of focusing on breaks in programming, which is what more than 95% of all video ads have been going back to the 1980s, brands will start looking at the whole viewer experience and ask the question: “How can we make the video ad experience work for everyone?” That’s a very modern problem and it will get a lot of attention. –Eric Berry, Co-founder and CEO at TripleLift

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