Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: 17th-May-2021 Featuring Microsoft, Alteryx, Taboola, Auth0 and more!

Strong marketing foundations can lead to impact business results even with surrounding difficulties. The secret sauce? Invest in a lean, multi-faceted martech stack that unifies your goals and marketing objectives!

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The future of martech will be about consolidation. There are far too many tools today and it makes our job harder, not easier, when we have to wade through all of them, try them out, etc. I think you’ll see quite a bit of acquisition activity but also we’ll see companies just fold that don’t have a clear differentiator or extreme ability to execute. –Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at

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MarTech Interview with Travis Bickham, Vice President of Marketing at Birdeye
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Marketers understand that consumers today are empowered but many of these same marketers don’t have the technology available to communicate with prospects at the point and time they start their customer journeys. –Travis Bickham, Vice President of Marketing at Birdeye 



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