A Few Analytics Tools That Should Be Part Of Your MarTech Stack

A Marketing Technology Stack is a set of digital tools used by digital marketers to effectively perform marketing activities across various digital platforms. Analytical tools are a set of charts, maps, and diagrams designed to collect, interpret, and present data for a wide range of applications and organizations.

Here are a few top analytical tools that can enhance the efficacy of your MarTech stack and marketing processes significantly:

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  1. Google Analytics– This is a free tool brought to you by Google, and it is known for being an excellent prescriptive and prediction tool. It allows you to follow the popular trends online and understand user flow. This tool allows you to pinpoint your customer’s geographical location, which helps you target your strategies and campaigns better. Google Analytics also provides you with your website’s rank in the Google SERP. A better SEO strategy will help you to improve your ranking in the search result. It also lets you analyze your competitor’s web traffic which can be used for an effective comparative analysis.
  2. Mopinion– This is an all-in-one tool that digital marketers can use to get feedback from various websites and email campaign feedback using a mobile SDK. This tool is extremely easy to use and allows the user to provide feedback forms toanalyze them and figure out their mistakes. Mopinion also provides its users with in-depth training and provides access to its knowledge base.
  3. Optimizely– This is an experimental platform used to perform various experiments on a website, such as subject lines, content, and many more. You can perform many more experiments with the features provided in this tool. This tool allows the users to run multiple experiments and tests on the same page.
  4. Contentsquare– This is another great tool that helps you understand customers’ behavior using your app or website. This tool shows you the clicks and movements on the website to better plan your strategies to bring in maximum conversions. It helps you track data at all times, which means you do not have to set your goals beforehand necessarily. The revenue per click feature shows the revenue earned per click on each element account.The different modules use visualizations that are optimized for a set category to make the visualization consistent.
  5. Mailchimp– This is a great emailing tool that helps you communicate with your customers by creating multiple mailing campaigns and newsletters. It also shows how well you are connecting with your customers and how much you are earning. The uses can also create different categories of emails so that it can target different customers differently. The tool also provides you with insight to know how well your campaign is doing.
  6. ActiveCampaign– This is a powerful email marketing tool that is designed for smaller businesses. It links all of your email marketing data, allowing your sales team to act quickly. It helps you keep track of all your customers’ history in one database and tracks customer behavior across various platforms.
  7. AWeber– It is a great emailing tool that allows you to send high quality auto-replies to your emails. This app also allows its users to create their subscription forms placed on your website or any other social media platforms like Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter. AWeber also provides you with a wide range of templates to use from.
  8. GetResponse– This email marketing tool helps businesses to manage contacts and create professional marketing campaigns. You will be able to create individual marketing campaigns and also manage multiple emailing lists. This tool is also used to build the landing/home page for websites.
  9. Mixpanel– This is an analytical tool that helps you communicate with the targeted customers in emails and notifications. This software focuses on the potential customer’s interaction on your website or app. Moreover, this tool is free to use, but you can also upgrade it to get additional features.
  10. KissMetrics– This is a CRO (conversion rate optimization) tool that focuses on the visitors’ behaviors on your website, the first-time users, and the return users. This particular tool helps you to track the customer journey from the landing page to the end page.
  11. Qlik Sense – It is a data analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence and multi-cloud architecture. This tool allows you to easily capture and share the data insights with the key decision-makers. The data is provided in an easy to comprehend format to help with planning the marketing campaigns.

With such interesting and functional tools available at your disposal for assessing your marketing analytics, you can efficiently optimize your marketing campaigns to scale results.

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