New ContentSquare Integration With Adobe Analytics Cloud Unlocks Enhanced Revenue Attribution

AI-Based Solution Enables Everyone on the Digital Team to Measure Content Efficiency at an Elemental Level in Order to Improve Experience and Increase Revenue

ContentSquare, a digital experience insights platform, announced an integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud, enabling customers to attribute revenue to their investments in user experience (UX) and in-page content. This new integration will allow Adobe customers to pinpoint the value of every content element on a web page, mobile and app screen – something that would have required significant tagging effort in the past – and visualize clear metrics for the impact each element is having on engagement, conversion, and revenue.

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Jonathan Cherki

“Attribution of revenue to each UX investment is the Holy Grail for every chief digital officer and chief creative officer to guide investments in content and design. With this new integration, everyone on the digital team will be able to do exactly that for every customer segment in Adobe Analytics Cloud.This is just the beginning, and we are already developing and testing different models. Our vision is to add many more rules-based attribution models while also enabling marketers to use artificially intelligent attribution models for higher uplift,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO, ContentSquare.

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Requiring no additional tagging, ContentSquare and Adobe are integrated at the segment level, enabling users to identify and understand new content engagement insights that can be used to optimize the engagement experience for each Adobe Analytics segment. In addition, Adobe users can now see which elements are causing positive or negative engagements, and receive insights on how to improve UX, ultimately permitting for a more tailored and optimized digital experience for customers on the site.

For example, Adobe customers can compare the behavior of new vs. high-value existing customers as previously defined in their Adobe solutions. They can then get alerts and recommendations on in-page elements that cause hesitation and underperform. They can also understand differences in intent for each segment (e.g., ‘just browsing’ vs. ‘rushed behavior to complete a purchase’ in order to tailor the right experience for each one). These insights are available out of a box, do not require tag customization, and can be applied to retrospective data even when the website changes.

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Cody Crnkovich

“We are in the experienced wave of business now, so measurement and optimization of experiences are of the utmost value to our customers. ContentSquare’s ability to discover unique content insights enables customers to extend the current value they get from their Adobe Analytics Cloud investment,” said Cody Crnkovich, Head  Platform Partners & Strategy, Adobe.

ContentSquare is a digital experience insights platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with apps, mobile web, and websites. It computes billions of touch and mouse movements, and transforms this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates. Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence, and big data to provide automatic recommendations to marketers, ContentSquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey. ContentSquare counts among its clients Walmart, L’Oréal, Tiffany & Co, Clarks, and Unilever. It’s currently a Business level partner in the Adobe Exchange partner program.

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