Launches AutoScribe, An AI Platform to Simplify B2B Sales

Without A User Interface, The App-Less Platform Automates And Streamlines Everyday Tasks For B2B Sales Teams Via Text, Messenger Apps And Email, a SaaS-based artificial intelligence (AI) sales execution and sales forecasting platform, announced the release of its AutoScribe Platform, a no-user-interface-service that leverages artificial intelligence to automate sales tasks for B2B sales teams.

AutoScribe is an AI backend service that is transparent to the sales rep and automatically updates the CRM based on non-data entry activities such as client emails, meeting events, phone calls and texts. Based on these activities, the AI platform can coach, nudge and remind sales reps via simple SMS text messages on how to stay on track of the deal and manage their sales process (Who is the Economic Buyer? Remember to identify the Decision Maker? Do they have Budget? etc.)

Field reps and mobile sales teams can interact with AutoScribe via SMS Text messaging – where it can provide just-time-coaching tips and reminders to sales reps on the road. With’s AutoScribe platform, sales organizations are no longer chained to their desks to do mundane CRM updates in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The AutoScribe platform can be integrated into any messaging application used by sales teams such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Chatter.

Without an application user interface, AutoScribe auto-creates and associates new contacts with the right Account and with the right Opportunity. The AI-based platform enriches account details via email signature extraction and can analyze and interpolate complex selling activities into multiple divisions of large global accounts.

“Our goal is to put AI in the hands of the sales reps so that they can spend less time worrying about the process and CRM updates and more time on sales execution and the right deals. With AutoScribe, by simply responding to text message, a Slack channel or an email, sales teams can get the coaching they need in the field and automatically update their CRM,” said Babar Batla, CEO and Co-Founder of

Key Features:

  • Automatic Nudges and Reminders to Reps in the Field
  • Intelligently Update CRM data based on activities and text message responses
  • Leverages AI to log and journal all sales rep and client interactions
  • Can assist and support downstream processes such as marketing drip campaigns with the correct and latest contact information
  • Ability to integrate with SMS text messaging, Slack, Chatter, and others (Slack, Chatter and Microsoft Teams integrations available later in 2018)

“The just-in-time coaching tips and nudges via text message are a game-changer for our entire sales organization. The accuracy of our CRM data has exponentiated since we started using Our reps don’t have to worry about updating CRM to reflect their customer and prospect interactions. No need to login to Salesforce and fumble through the application to update an opportunity,” said Tom Patterson, COO, Digital Map Products, a leading mapping company in California.

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